ProjectVertical or Horizontal Cable Railing
Horizontal deck railing

Vertical or Horizontal Cable Railing

Cable railing systems are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations and offer a stylish alternative to traditional railing designs. These systems use cables made from stainless steel or other durable materials as infill between posts, providing strong, unobstructed views and a modern look. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal cables can depend on your design preference, safety requirements, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your space. But for maximum safety and the look you’re after, you may want to consider finding a suitable railing contractor with enough experience in cable railing installation, maintenance, etc.

How To Choose Between Vertical And Horizontal Cable Railings For Your Deck?

Choosing between vertical and horizontal cable railings for your deck is about considering both aesthetic preferences and practical functionality. Horizontal cable railing for decks offer a modern look that can make spaces feel wider and more open. However, they can be more climbable for children, which might pose a safety concern.

Vertical deck railing, on the other hand, provides a more traditional appearance and is generally less climbable, making it a safer option in homes with young children. The choice between vertical vs horizontal cable railing also affects how your space interacts with its surroundings. Vertical lines can focus on height, making them ideal for decks with scenic views.

All in all, when deciding between vertical cable railing vs horizontal, consider safety, the visual impact, and how the lines of the railing will complement the style of your property and the natural environment around your deck.

Vertical deck railing

Good Opportunities for a Vertical Cable Railing System

Vertical cable railing systems are an excellent choice for various settings, offering advantages that make them particularly suitable for certain applications. One of the best opportunities for vertical cable railing for decks is in homes where safety is a priority. Unlike horizontal railings, vertical cable railing systems are less climbable for children, reducing the risk of accidents.

Vertical deck cable railing is ideal for preserving views while maintaining a modern look. The minimalist design of vertical wire deck railing does not interrupt sight lines, making it perfect for scenic locations where unobstructed views are desired. Vertical cable railing systems also provide structural integrity and durability, withstanding environmental factors like wind and weather due to their orientation and robust build. Whether for residential or commercial properties, vertical cable railings are a smart and stylish choice.

Good Opportunities for a Horizontal Cable Railing System

Horizontal cable railing systems present unique opportunities suitable for modern designs. Horizontal wire deck railing offers an uncluttered, contemporary look that complements a variety of home styles. The horizontal lines of a horizontal cable railing can visually expand a space, making it appear broader and more open than it actually is, which is ideal for smaller decks or balconies.

Opportunities for horizontal deck railing include:

  • Maximizing Views. The thin cables are almost invisible, providing minimal obstruction to scenic views.
  • Design Versatility. Suits modern, minimalist, and industrial themes.
  • Alters Perception. Makes areas feel larger and more inviting.
  • Ease of Installation. Often simpler to install compared to vertical systems, which can translate to lower labor costs.

These features make horizontal deck railings an attractive option for those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and openness.

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Vertical or Horizontal Cable Railing

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