ProjectArchitectureThe best materials for the construction of stairs in the house
The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

A staircase must be built in a house with two or more floors. It is designed for easy movement and is an integral part of the interior. Choosing the material for its manufacture, it is necessary to take into account reliability, environmental friendliness and appearance.


The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

Metal structures are quite common. There are two options: welded and forged. The first type of products is more economical, easy to install. The second one is considered quite expensive, has a beautiful appearance and certain difficulties during installation. Welded stairs are more often used in public buildings. Its appearance is not particularly attractive and is suitable only for a certain style, for example, hi-tech. You can decorate such a staircase if combined with other materials.

The forged construction looks more beautiful. It is perfect for any interior style. Most often it is installed in fairly spacious houses.

Any metal ladder has its advantages:

  • endurance;
  • durability;
  • fire resistance.

These are the main and especially important points. In addition, metal is perfectly combined with other materials. Steps and railings can be completely made of wood. It is worth considering the tendency of the metal structure to corrosion. To avoid its formation, it is necessary to process all the details with a special composition.


The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

A fairly budget option for manufacturing stairs is a concrete structure. However, this option requires an additional budget investment in the decoration. Without this, the product looks unpleasant, the room will be uncomfortable. The advantages of stairs made of concrete include the possibility of manufacturing steps of absolutely any shape. Concrete is fireproof, does not burn at all and does not melt.

Concrete stairs are durable, resistant to temperature changes. During operation, the product is not subject to deformation, there are no creaks. Surface care is simple, the stairs are easy to wash. However, the construction of a concrete staircase should be planned in advance. It is necessary to provide a more reinforced foundation.


The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

The most popular option is a wooden staircase. It is a natural, eco-friendly material. The design has less weight than the above. A huge range of wood species makes it possible to choose a more suitable option. Wood lends itself well to the manufacture of a variety of shapes. The material is ideal for installation inside residential premises.

Among the existing types of wood there are stronger ones, for example, oak. It is resistant to external influences, has a beautiful texture, a pleasant shade. The only drawback of oak can be considered its high cost. Cheaper options include beech, ash. They are not inferior to oak in strength and reliability.

Larch is often used for the manufacture of stairs. It is more resistant to fire, moisture. However, wooden structures have their own characteristics, regardless of the breed. First of all, this material is very flammable, compared to the previously listed ones. During operation, the structure may begin to creak if the installation technology is broken. Do not forget about the damage of wood by fungi, mold, insects and rodents. It is worth taking care of this in advance and processing the material with special compositions.

Wood for the manufacture of stairs is chosen for the opportunity to give it almost any shape. Screw, straight, marching spans of a very beautiful appearance are made of wood. With proper processing and proper care, a wooden staircase will be operated for quite a long time without any problems.

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The best materials for the construction of stairs in the house

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