ProjectArchitectureWrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

A presentable staircase can be made of different materials. Special attention should be paid to the choice of side fences. The most stylish and aesthetic solution is the use of forged metal railings. Such products are characterized by saturation, as well as openwork. Wrought iron railings for stairs can be of different types, therefore, to choose a specific design, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with their features, characteristics and prices.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Forged stairs look incredibly stylish and impressive

  • 1 Advantages of wrought iron railings: photos of finished projects
  • 2 Disadvantages of forged fences made of metal
  • 3 Operational scope of wrought iron stairs with patterns
  • 4 Types of forging: internal and external railings
  • 5 Wrought iron railings for stairs: types of products depending on the shape
  • 6 Choice of forged staircase style: photos of beautiful designs
  • 7 Design options for wrought iron railings for stairs in a private house
  • 8 Wrought iron railings on the porch: features of choice
  • 9 Basic recommendations for choosing wrought iron railings in the house
  • 10 How to choose forged railings: prices for constructions
  • 11 Secrets of proper care of forged fences

Advantages of forged railings: photos of finished projects

Forged elements have been used as a design decoration for centuries. They stand out favorably against the background of other interior elements, as they are original and very beautiful. Stairs decorated with metal ornaments are very popular. Such constructions are most often used in the interiors of private houses and country cottages.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Wrought-iron railings attract all the attention

Fences of this type have many advantages, which you need to get acquainted with in more detail. Wrought iron railings on the stairs are distinguished by aesthetics, which, of course, is their main advantage. They have high strength, so it is almost impossible to damage them mechanically.

Elements made of metal have a long service life. They are resistant to temperature fluctuations. If desired, you can choose one of the standard patterns or place an individual order, distinguished by the originality of the design.

Separately, it is worth noting the compatibility with various forging materials. Patterns can be simple, linear, or more complex and saturated. The care of such railings is quite simple. Periodically, such a structure must be wiped with a dry cloth. This is quite enough to maintain her presentable appearance.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Metal railings will last for many years and at the same time will not lose their appearance

The main disadvantage of forged products is that they can be subject to corrosion. However, this problem occurs only if the design has not been properly processed. Most often, metal railings are painted, which allows them to be protected from rusting. This procedure is especially important if the structure is installed outside the house. For example, often such fences are placed on balconies. Forged railings need periodic processing by special means.

Pay attention! Metal ornaments transform any, even the simplest, interior. Handrails with elements of forging can decorate an ordinary staircase made of wood, which will make it more refined.

Metal structures are used not only in the classical style – they can be installed in modern rooms. Thus, such fences are an excellent solution that allows you to decorate any interior, regardless of its features.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Stairs made of forged metal are well combined with other materials

Disadvantages of forged fences made of metal

Despite all the advantages, such constructions have some negative sides. Before purchasing such a design, you must carefully read them. The main disadvantage of forged structures is their high cost.

Wrought iron railings for stairs on the street or in the house need proper processing. If this rule is ignored, then their elements will be exposed to rust, which will lead to unplanned expenses for its elimination.

Another disadvantage of such structures is the complexity of manufacturing. The process of forming railings, which are equipped with metal forging, takes a very long time. In addition, they are not easy to mount, as they have quite a lot of weight, and therefore special skills are required to install them. It is recommended to entrust such work to qualified specialists who will be able to organize reliable fixation of the structure.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

The main disadvantage of wrought iron railings is their high cost

A wrought-iron staircase in a house can have patterns that include sharp edges. This increases the likelihood of injury. It is recommended to pay attention to what details are included in the design, especially if children live in the house. In this case, it is better to buy a railing with rounded elements.

A large mass of forged structures imposes certain requirements on their installation. They must be mounted on a solid foundation that can withstand the high pressure exerted by the railing.

A special approach requires the installation of spiral stairs. Forged handrails of spiral staircases are more expensive than standard options (straight or beveled). In order to extend the service life of the metal ornament, it is recommended to apply a special polymer coating on it.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Stairs made of metal need special treatment

Operational scope of wrought iron stairs with patterns

Structures of this type are durable and undemanding to operational conditions. They can be fixed on almost any material: wood, brick, metal, etc. There are situations when the use of such a design is most justified. Let’s look at them in more detail.

The large front door of the dwelling, consisting of two tiers, has enough space, so it is most suitable for the installation of such a staircase. Forging in this case will look spectacular without oversaturating the interior. A flight of stairs can be made in the shape of the letter “T” or have an L-shaped structure.

Pay attention! Handrails equipped with forging elements are perfectly combined with spiral or two-step stairs. The operational scope of such structures is quite extensive, because they can be installed not only in residential buildings, but also in office premises.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Stairs with wrought iron railings can be installed both inside the house and on the street

Often such structures are installed at the entrance to residential buildings. Wrought iron railings for the porch are located on the street, so they require appropriate protection. It is recommended to cover them with polymer materials that protect the structural elements from adverse environmental influences.

Forged ornaments allow you to decorate any structure, but do not forget that they also perform a protective function, acting as a fence. The effectiveness of such structures is quite high, because they have a very high strength.

Types of forging: internal and external railings

To date, there are two types of forging, which are classified depending on the temperature. Products made by different methods have their own characteristics, which you need to familiarize yourself with. Let’s look at these two forging methods in more detail:

  • cold;
  • hot.

Кованые перила для лестницы: красота металлических узоров

Forged products are obtained using a cold or hot processing method

In the first case, the manufacture of individual forging elements is carried out without temperature treatment. The creation of fragments of railings is carried out by cutting blanks and bending them. The formation of the necessary details is realized with the help of special stencils, which allows you to get intricate patterns. Cold forging requires serious processing of parts. After forming them, a number of important operations are performed, such as welding, grinding, and polishing. The products can additionally undergo the engraving procedure.

The main advantage of this method is the democratic cost of manufacturing products. However, it is quite difficult to perform various parts without special forging equipment.

The technique of hot forging involves the use of high temperatures and mechanical action. Making the necessary shape can be done manually. In this case, the master works on each blank separately. In particular, wrought-iron posts for railings obtained in this way look beautiful.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Railings made by the hot method are characterized by a higher cost

Useful information! It is worth noting one serious disadvantage of the hot method. Such processing significantly increases the cost of work. But there is special equipment through which you can automate the process.

The material for the workpieces in such a situation is high-strength carbon steel. Hot processing allows you to get railings resistant to negative environmental influences. Street forged elements made in this way have a longer service life.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: types of products depending on the shape

To choose a railing equipped with forging elements, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the staircase structure. There are several configurations of fences that are not recommended to combine. Products can have the following form:

  • direct;
  • oblique;
  • angular.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

With the help of forging, you can get railings of various shapes

Railings that belong to the first group are also called simple. These structures are commonly used for fencing stairwells. The price of wrought iron railings for stairs of this type depends on the patterns and the number of running meters. Oblique structures are fixed directly on the stairs. In turn, the corner products are mounted between the spans.

Stairs to the second floor on a metal frame: beauty, elegance, ease of installation

Types and advantages. Types of metal frames. The railing is made of metal. Independent production of metal stairs.

The most difficult thing is to choose a design for a screw structure. This is logical, since the shape of such a staircase is very specific. In such a situation, you most often have to contact companies that manufacture railings according to individual orders. The cost of such fences is usually the highest.

When choosing wrought iron railings for stairs to the house, it is necessary to focus on the budget. The most impressive look designs that have elements of artistic forging. Ornate ornaments are best suited for antique-style interiors.

It is also worth noting that fences are divided into one more feature. They can be flat or voluminous. The second option is recommended if there is a lack of usable area. This is due to the fact that they are able to visually expand the space.

Choosing the style of forged stairs: photos of beautiful designs

A very important point is the style in which the structure will be decorated, equipped with forging elements. The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a stylistic direction is interior design.

Pay attention! If you plan to install the structure on the street, then you need it to be combined with the design of the residential building and the porch itself.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Forged railings can be fitted not only into a classic, but also into a modern interior

The most popular is the classic style. Railings decorated in this way should contain floral motifs. Forging elements made in the form of grapes are quite common. You can often find designs decorated with metal petals and forged patterns in the form of flowers. Such railings can be supplemented with imitation columns.

Stair railings made in Rococo style are distinguished by the richness of artistic elements. The lines in this case should be smooth. A design of this type includes a large number of bends. Most often, such fences are decorated with floral ornaments.

The stylistic direction of the Baroque is characterized by strict symmetry. Railings of this type are usually installed in interiors that contain a large number of natural motifs. Baroque designs include both round and tetrahedral rods.

The Art Nouveau style is gaining popularity every year. Fences decorated in this way are distinguished by a combination of functionality and elegance, which can be seen in the photo. Wrought iron railings in a house of this type contain decorative elements, but are not oversaturated with them.

It is also worth mentioning the designs made in modern styles, such as minimalism, loft, Scandinavian. In this case, combinations of metal ornaments with other materials, such as plastic, glass, are welcome. Modern styles do not tolerate excesses, so straight lines and conciseness prevail in such designs.

Design options for wrought iron railings for stairs in a private house

Before the construction is made, the project is prepared. The sketch can be performed according to two principles. The first option takes into account the presence of rhythmic repetitions. This design is typical for fences made in the classical style. In this case, all the constituent elements of the structure are repeated with a strictly defined sequence.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Wrought iron railings are great for stairs in country houses

Railings for stairs inside the house with rhythmic repetitions are often equipped with columns in the form of columns, which are called balusters. They can have the shape of a peak. Often such structures are equipped with columns made of square rods that twist around their own axis. Elements of artistic forging are also present in this case. Floral motifs prevail in such railings.

The second version of the forged railing sketch assumes the presence of fantasy patterns. Most fences in the Art Nouveau style are made according to this principle. They are characterized by a large number of bends. Such fences are most often performed without the use of special equipment, so their cost is quite high.

Wrought iron railings on the porch: features of choice

Today there are a huge variety of concepts that allow you to organize a beautiful fence for the porch. It is very important that the railing is in harmony with the main building. Thus, when choosing a porch fence, it is necessary to take into account the stylistic orientation of the building. Railings can be made in such styles as:

  • ethno-style;
  • classic;
  • minimalism.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Wrought iron railings should be in harmony with the style of the exterior

Ethno-style products look great when installed on the porch. The price of forged railings depends on their design, as well as the method of processing. For example, fences that have been artificially aged are more expensive. Railings decorated in ethno-style are suitable for wooden and brick houses. They may have inserts made of wood.

Pay attention! A residential building made in a classic style can be equipped with a porch, a veranda or a terrace. Fencing for such a structure should also be chosen in a similar stylistic design.

It is recommended to choose a metal ornament with pillars for the veranda. The classic design with columns can also be used for a balcony. Forged railings of this type are often painted black.

It is possible to decorate the porch with a fence, which was made in a minimalist style, if the residential structure allows you to do this. Such fences are suitable for modern cottages in the high-tech style. Simplicity of execution and clarity of lines are the two main characteristics of these products.

The choice of design is certainly one of the most important points, but not the only one. To choose a porch fence that will be in harmony with the main structure, it is also necessary to think about the compatibility of the color scheme and the organization of suitable lighting.

Terraces, verandas and balconies can be decorated with designs with elements of forging. This is especially appropriate in the case when the fence of a private house is also made of forged metal.

The main recommendations for choosing wrought iron railings in the house

The sketch necessary for the manufacture of forged fencing can be found on the Internet. Before contacting the masters, it is necessary to determine whether the design shown in the sketch will be suitable for specific operating conditions. When choosing the type of forged fence, it is necessary not only to take into account the compatibility with the staircase and its design, but also not to forget about comfort. The functionality of the design is no less important.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Stairs and railings should be in harmony with the interior and be comfortable

The study of the relevant photos will allow you to make the right choice. Wrought iron railings on the porch also require compliance with certain standards. There are rules that allow you to choose the most suitable design for the house and the street. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Stairs installed between the floors of a private house can have different widths. If this indicator does not exceed 120 cm, then it is recommended to mount forged fences on both sides. In turn, if the width of the stairs is 240 cm or more, then it is necessary to think about installing a fence in the central part of the structure.

Wrought iron railings for stairs in a private dwelling have another important geometric characteristic – height. This parameter is determined depending on the dimensions of the staircase structure. It is also worth considering the age of the residents. For example, if there are children in the house, then the height of the railing should be at least 120 cm.

Useful information! The staircase in the house can be adjacent to the wall. In such a situation, a standard fence is installed on the opposite side, and forged handrails are fixed to the wall.

Metal products with elements of artistic forging must be of high strength in order to be able to withstand a heavy load. The choice of wrought iron railings for stairs on the street requires special attention. Photos of forged ornaments allow you to simplify this work.

When choosing a metal fence for a staircase structure, you need to take care of the functionality. Of course, the artistic side of the issue is very important, but the railing should not be uncomfortable. It is recommended to choose smooth handrails, which will increase the comfort of the structure during its operation.

Secrets of proper care of forged fences

As mentioned above, metal ornamental designs are easy to maintain. It is not necessary to use any special means to clean them. Of course, during their operation, it is still worth observing a number of rules that will preserve the external attractiveness of the structure and protect it from corrosion.

Pay attention! It is almost impossible to damage a high-quality structure of this type, therefore all operating rules are reduced to periodic cleaning and application of protective coatings (if necessary). Before using a metal product, it must be painted. The color is chosen depending on the style of the interior or exterior.

The most suitable colors are black, white, copper, golden. Structures that have a similar coloring can be installed on verandas or balconies. Forged fencing requires periodic treatment with anticorrosive compounds. It must be carried out for the first few years of operation of the structure. Over time, the frequency of repetition of the procedure can be reduced. It is enough to perform it 1 time in 5 years.

Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

Maintenance of wrought iron railings will not be difficult and will not take much time

In order to clean the forged structure from dust, it is necessary to wipe it with a dry cloth. You can also use a regular brush for this job. If there are stronger impurities on the metal surface, then you need to prepare a soap solution to eliminate them.

It is also worth saying that today it is possible to purchase a special composition made specifically for cleaning forged metal elements. For railings, such substances are completely harmless, but their cost is quite high. However, we should not forget that the term of use of the structure depends on how the care was organized.

The railings, which include elements of artistic forging, are distinguished by aesthetics and originality. They allow you to decorate any interior and make it more spectacular. Modern technologies allow you to purchase an inexpensive, but beautiful option that will last for many years. When choosing, it is necessary to clearly calculate the amount that it is not a pity to spend on a forged structure, and determine its style in order to achieve a harmonious combination with other interior elements.

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Wrought iron railings for stairs: the beauty of metal patterns

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