DesignWooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Balusters are important architectural elements of the staircase, acting as a vertical support of the railing. The products have a number of technological features of production. Aesthetically attractive wooden balusters have many variations and design features. The products are made of different types of wood. Self-production is possible.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Wooden balusters help to make the construction of the stairs more rigid and secure

  • 1 Balusters for wooden stairs: description and purpose
  • 2 What are balusters: classification of products
    • 2.1 Wooden balusters: types of products
    • 2.2 Combined balusters: characteristic features
  • 3 What kind of wooden balusters to buy
  • 4 Unique ladders made of wood with your own hands
    • 4.1 Correct installation of railings and balusters of wooden stairs
    • 4.2 Features of fastening balusters to studs
    • 4.3 Fixing balusters on a spike: highlights and tips
    • 4.4 Using self-tapping screws and screws to secure the balusters

Balusters for wooden stairs: description and purpose

The corresponding products are designed to perform a number of important functions. Among them, it is necessary to highlight the safety of using stairs, as well as providing the structure with reliability and additional rigidity. Attractive wooden handrails for stairs simultaneously perform decorative and supporting functions.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The aesthetics of wooden balusters are used not only to create stairs, but also for the design of railings

Advantages of products:

  • attractiveness and energy of natural material;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • excellent combination with various materials, accessories and styles;
  • a wide selection of models;
  • durability and strength.

A very important advantage lies in the fact that the baluster with your own hands is a reality. Thanks to the independent manufacture of racks for stairs, repair costs can be significantly reduced. These products have a stunning appearance. Their sophistication can be envied by analogues from other materials.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Wood is the best option for creating balusters

In addition, the environmental safety of natural material is very important. Wood is not capable of releasing substances harmful to the human body and the environment. Essential oils and natural resins, which are part of the material, also have a healing effect. Balusters from the most valuable varieties of wood look very attractive in the photo, which also harmoniously combine with other decorative elements in the interior of the room.

Balusters can be made of oak, beech and ash. The most affordable and easy to use are pine, birch and larch. Having minimal experience working with wood will allow you to create ideal balusters, which also have an original design.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

You can create balusters yourself, you will need special tools and basic woodworking skills for this

What are balusters: classification of products

Balusters serve as racks for stairs. As for the types of corresponding products, they differ in production technology. Photos of wooden balusters available to consumers allow us to determine the most attractive types of products.

Varieties of products according to the method of manufacture:

  • milling machines;
  • chiseled;
  • with thread elements.

Each option has its own characteristics. Certain types of devices are used for the production of balusters. This is the main difference.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The use of various wood processing techniques allows you to create a wide variety of designs of balusters

The main difference between milling balusters is the presence of original decorations. We are talking about longitudinal or helical cuts. Such products have a very attractive appearance. Due to this, they are in high demand from consumers. In the presence of a milling machine and certain skills, such products can be produced independently.

For the manufacture of chiseled balusters, a conventional lathe is used. Such a device is at the disposal of many. In most cases, chiseled products have the shape of rotating bodies. Elegant appearance and ease of manufacture are the main positive aspects of this type of balusters.

Products with carved elements are much more expensive than the previous two options. They are characterized by a more complex manufacturing process. As a result, they look as solid and original as possible. It is possible to produce carved balusters only on specialized machines. Such multi-axis devices require special skills and at least a little experience from the master.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The combination of carved elements and expensive woods allows you to create luxurious stairs

Types of thread:

  • sculptural;
  • deaf;
  • openwork.

With the help of sculptural carving on wood products, you can carve real paintings. Such balusters look very bright and unusual. With a blind thread, the background is very important. It is present in all images and patterns. Openwork carving is mainly used for flat workpieces. More often, such products are used as decorations for various overhead elements.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Carved flat balusters bring a sense of lightness and airiness to the interior

Wooden balusters: types of products

The main feature of balusters is that they can transform any staircase with their appearance. The most inconspicuous designs are also no exception. A significant variety of cross sections and shapes of such products allows you to choose the optimal design.

The shape of the balusters are:

  • flat;
  • round;
  • carved.

Popular are flat balusters, which are made of plywood or boards. You can choose between a solid construction or individual products. Various ornaments and patterns can be used to decorate the racks. Even beginners can cope with this task.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Wooden balusters are perfectly amenable to staining, which not only allows them to be used to create various decorative effects, but also significantly prolongs the service life.

Useful advice! For classic stairs, it is recommended to select square-shaped products. Strict forms will give the structure and the whole house more solidity. Original decorative indentations are applied to the sides of such racks.

The simplest option is round balusters with their own hands, which have a strict cylindrical shape. The cross-section parameters of the products vary from 2.5 to 4 cm. For the manufacture of balusters, it is better to choose solid wood. As a result, they will be very durable and will serve their owners for a long time. Such racks may well be combined even with metal tubes.

The carved types of balusters are stylish and spectacular. They are often called sculptural. Basically, they are made by hand. Expensive wood is taken as a basis. Therefore, the high price of such products should not surprise consumers.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

For the design of stairs in a classic style, it is worth giving preference to simple shapes and natural shades

Today there is an opportunity to purchase finished products and pick up the fastening of balusters and stair posts, which are designed in the same style. They are perfectly combined with each other and create a unique appearance of the stairs. The search for the optimal variant of balusters is simplified due to the fact that they are available with different types of coating and color shades.

Combined balusters: characteristic features

This type of products is a vertically arranged component elements. Their task is to support the railings, as well as to further stiffen the existing fences. Such balusters perform not only a decorative function. They also make the stairs safer.

Combined models include not only wood, but also metal sections in their own design. At the same time, they do not look too bulky. The appearance of such supports is very attractive.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The combination of wood and metal elements create an interesting decorative effect

Manufacturers can reasonably explain about the reliability, accessibility, functionality and aesthetic appeal of what combined balusters are, and also highlight a lot of positive qualities of this type of products. It’s about reliability, accessibility, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

They can be based on chrome or stainless steel pipe. Its diameter can be 2.5 or 5 cm. Wooden elements must undergo a drying process in a special condensation chamber before use. The choice of paint and the method of its application is based on the wishes of the consumer.

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What kind of wooden balusters to buy

In order for the staircase to serve its owners for a very long time, all its elements must be created from the same material. Moreover, it is necessary to give preference to the same type of wood.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

When choosing balusters, it is worth focusing not only on the shape and appearance, but also on the grade of wood from which they are made

Useful advice! It is best to choose the hardest varieties of wood. Oak definitely belongs to them. This tree is famous for its strength and nobility. Any products made of it will be able to maintain their original appearance and natural characteristics for a very long time.

The most common types of wood:

  • oak;
  • ash;
  • beech;
  • pine tree;
  • larch;
  • birch tree.

If there is a desire to buy wooden balusters, then oak models will immediately attract attention due to the unique dark shade. Oak easily tolerates temperature changes and active exposure to moisture. Over time, products made of this type of wood will not face rotting and cracking. An important advantage is that oak is easily amenable to various types of processing.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Carved solid oak balusters look presentable

Despite the fact that oak balusters have a number of positive qualities, this kind of wood is far from the only one. Ash is also an attractive option. In terms of texture, this tree resembles valuable rocks. Increased resistance to rot and moisture from the beneficial side characterizes ash. The structure of this tree is dense and elastic, thanks to which it is able to easily carry even the most severe loads. The price of balusters in a set, depending on their quantity and technical features, ranges from 5 to 12 thousand rubles.

In terms of processing, beech is very convenient, it is also characterized by attractive external parameters. In terms of durability and strength, this option is not inferior in anything even to oak. Thanks to the use of beech, you can actually make ladders with your own hands from wood of the highest quality. Among the negative characteristics of the corresponding material, one can note only the susceptibility to deformation in too humid an environment, as well as a high probability of subsequent rotting. To extend the service life of the stairs, it is necessary to choose carefully dried wood.

Birch is used much less often for the manufacture of these products. Among the main disadvantages of this tree should be highlighted the tendency to rot, severe shrinkage and the formation of cracks. On the other hand, this material is easy to process and has excellent strength parameters. In the future, birch can be painted and sanded without any problems. The technology of installing balusters and railings in the case of using this type of wood does not face even minimal adjustments.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

To create a staircase, you should use elements from the same type of wood. This technique will allow not only to withstand the design in a single style, but also provide uniform performance characteristics

A very common variety of tree is larch. The peculiarity of this type of wood is that its products become more durable over time. Increased humidity and warping are not able to become a problem for this type of wood.

The most budget option is pine. To date, you can buy balusters for stairs made of this type of wood at affordable prices. For one pine baluster, on average, you will have to pay about 100 rubles on the market. Flat products are somewhat cheaper. Although it is quite possible to make racks yourself. Moreover, with the use of cutting mechanisms, pine is very easy to process.

Useful advice! For the manufacture of racks, it is necessary to carefully select wood. These should be bars without knots, cracks and other defects. In addition, they should not be characterized by high humidity. Over-dried wood, regardless of its breed, will be quite fragile and will lose its natural advantages.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

For self-manufacturing and installation, especially if there are not many skills of working with wood, it is worth giving preference to soft varieties of wood

Another tip is that it is much easier for beginners to work with inexpensive types of wood. It is easiest to process birch and pine. Walnut and oak are very expensive, which is why not everyone can afford this luxury. In addition, only experienced professionals will be able to process them correctly.

Unique ladders made of wood with your own hands

The procedure for creating attractive stands made of wood is quite complicated. One of the very first difficulties is finding the necessary tool. To achieve this goal, you need to demonstrate professional skills, as well as perseverance. First, you should carefully design the future design, and then proceed directly to the grinding of individual products on the machine.

Stages of creating balusters:

  • designing;
  • execution of drawings;

Балясины из дерева: понятие, виды, правила выбора и монтажа

Example of a drawing of a staircase to the porch of a country house

  • search for materials;
  • production.

At the design stage, it is necessary to measure the height of the railing. Experts recommend that this parameter ranges from 0.7 to 1 m. In order not to lose the number of racks, you need to calculate the future distance between them. Then it will be easier to install the balusters on the stairs, because all the dimensions will be clearly observed.

In the pre-created drawing, it is necessary to enter the exact dimensions of all sections, as well as bends. Then this data needs to be transferred to the workpiece of the future support. It is recommended to number each applied label for convenience. It is possible that certain decorative elements will need to use an additional cutting tool.

Correct installation of railings and balusters of wooden stairs

The installation of the described parts can actually be done in several ways. Each of them is effective and complex in its own way.

Types of balusters mounting:

  • shkants;
  • hairpins;
  • spike;
  • screws, etc.

Popular is the attachment to the shkant. Original photos of wooden balusters for stairs with such fasteners definitely attract the attention of consumers. To begin with, they must be cut from a specially selected bar. Their cross-section should not be less than a quarter of the total volume of the rack. The shkants should have an impressive length. It is usually equal to two diameters.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

Fastening of wooden ladder elements

Special attention should be paid to the main and intermediate support. Special holes should be made in the lower part. Their diameter must necessarily coincide with the same parameter of the sheet. As for the depth of the hole, it should be two times smaller for the total length of the product. A similar action is performed on the step, where then it will be necessary to install balusters and railing systems with your own hands within the framework of generally accepted technology.

Additionally, the sheet is fixed with high-quality glue. In the same way, the rack itself is then mounted on it. The described procedure must be repeated for each baluster, after which the staircase will be significantly transformed. At the moment, it is easy to find a video of the installation of balusters and railings step by step, from which you can start during the installation period. Such tips will help even beginners to cope with the task.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The method of mounting balusters on the shkant

Features of fastening balusters to studs

It is not difficult to understand how to fix the balusters on a wooden staircase with hairpins. In this case, it is also necessary to drill holes on the bottom of the racks. Then strong metal studs are inserted into them, which belong to the category of wood-wood. The diameter of each such element is 8 mm, and the length is 100 mm. Another hole with a diameter of 7 mm is drilled in the lower stage. After that, it will be quite easy to screw the baluster together with the hairpin into it.

A similar method of fixing the railing to the balusters provides that as a result of removing the rack, the stud would remain on the lower tread. At each pre-marked place, you need to prepare a hole for the stud. The drill bit should be 5 mm in diameter. All elements must be displayed exclusively vertically. It is necessary to check the corresponding parameter using the level. If necessary, the height of the placement of individual elements should be adjusted.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The layout of the attachment points of the wooden ladder

Fixing balusters on a spike: highlights and tips

There is also a fastening of balusters and railings made of wood on a spike. This method provides that even at the stage of manufacturing the racks, a special spike made of wood is installed in their lower part. At the same time, a hole is already being formed in the upper part of the product, designed for the spike of the handrail.

Each mounting location must be marked on the surface of the support. Such notes will help even beginners to understand how to fasten the balusters, because the holes must be made strictly at the points marked in advance. Then they gradually expand to the desired size. The spike of the support post should be properly lubricated with glue. Only after that it needs to be inserted all the way into the hole. This procedure is repeated for each structural element.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The quality of installation depends not only on the reliability of the staircase structure but also on the overall appearance

Using self-tapping screws and screws to secure the balusters

This method of fastening is universal. Self-tapping screws allow you to securely attach the balusters to the floor, bowstring and steps. Screws fix both wooden and metal products equally effectively. In addition to the method of direct fixation, this method involves the use of a support plate or a podbalyasnik.

Useful advice! To increase the level of reliability of the elements, it is possible to duplicate each connection with the help of screws. It is necessary to do this from the end side of the stage. It is best to immerse the screws just below the surface of the board itself. Each recess in the consequence needs to be covered with the help of traffic jams.

In the end, it should be noted that carved wooden balusters, the price of which may vary significantly, are an excellent solution for a house with stairs. The minimum cost of products can be 600-800 rubles. The maximum price reaches the level of 4-5 thousand rubles. A lot depends on the size and material of the product.

Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

The cost of balusters depends on the material of manufacture, the method of processing and the type of coating

If you purchase these elements, then you need to focus on certain criteria. First of all, this concerns the materials of manufacture. As mentioned above, the most affordable option in the relevant plan is birch and pine. Although these types of wood have certain disadvantages.

The shape and type of the balusters are important. This affects not only the appearance of the structure as a result, but also its strength and durability. For example, round-section products are more resistant to loads than flat counterparts. At the same time, the second option is very popular among consumers due to its aesthetic appeal. It follows from this that the right choice involves the search for a golden mean.

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Wooden balusters: concept, types, rules of selection and installation

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