DesignWhy are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

Why are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

Why are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

More recently, wooden double-glazed windows appeared in construction stores, which literally shocked their customers with many advantages. Today we will talk about what advantages wooden double-glazed windows have and whether it is worth buying them, neglecting plastic windows.

So, many experts note that wood is distinguished not only by good moisture resistance, but also by the absence of internal expansion in the hot season. This suggests that the coefficient of thermal conductivity in this material is significantly lower than in all others, for example, in plastic.

The coefficient shows that during sudden temperature changes, wooden double-glazed windows will not be damaged, will not crack and will not let coolness into the house. In addition, despite the fact that wood burns quickly, wooden double-glazed windows prevent sources of ignition during a fire.

Why are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

Since natural wood contains only purely ecological substances, during gorenje it will not release toxins, but on the contrary will increase the flow of oxygen.

By the way, if scammers try to get into your house, it is unlikely that they will be able to do it through the windows. Wooden windows are a special protection, preventing burglary due to their strength.

Its plus appears in the winter season. While wooden double-glazed windows retain heat perfectly, you do not need to spend a lot of money on heating and energy. Thus, by purchasing wooden windows, you forget about large costs forever.

Why are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

The increased environmental friendliness of wooden windows allows you to always remain cheerful and able-bodied, while a variety of synthetic substances of plastic windows can enter the atmosphere of the house and significantly reduce your activity and worsen your well-being.

Plastic windows need additional insulation materials that create several layers inside the plastic, and wooden ones do not need these functions, because wood itself is a fairly durable material that allows you to keep warm.

If a variety of scratches have appeared during the long operation of wooden windows, then they can be easily eliminated by polishing. Thus, it can be concluded that wooden windows are much faster to repair and eliminate all kinds of imperfections. Of course, we cannot say that wooden double-glazed windows are ideal and solve all your problems, but they have many advantages over plastic windows.

The cost of wooden windows differs slightly from plastic ones. Even those who have a low budget can afford to buy wooden pine windows at an affordable price.

Wooden windows made of larch, the prices of which are quite high, but still available to most buyers, are rightfully considered elite models. Along with products made of pine, oak and other wood, larch windows occupy an honorable place among their own kind and are finding more and more fans.

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Why are wooden double-glazed windows better than plastic ones?

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