InteriorWhat is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged
What is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged

What is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged

What is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged

Thanks to properly adjusted ventilation in the premises, it is easy, free and safe to breathe, even if you live in an apartment building. This is called natural ventilation of the apartment, which provides good air exchange in the house. If it is arranged incorrectly, the circulation will be disrupted and may lead to adverse outcomes, both harm to the health of residents and damage to finishing coatings and materials. Let’s figure out what a ventilation system in an apartment is, what disadvantages it may have and how to eliminate them.

What is natural ventilation in an apartment building?

Organized natural ventilation in an apartment is an air exchange that occurs due to the difference in air density indoors and outdoors. Exhaust and supply openings are installed for this air duct. In multi – apartment buildings, it works according to the principle:

  • central ventilation shaft,
  • vetchanal – satellite,
  • exhaust port

The device of natural ventilation in the apartment

Each apartment building has a common vent channel, which starts on the ground floor and ends on the top floor of the house. Air circulation passes through it, starting from the entrance to the attic of the building, and from there to the roof of the house. On each floor, separate channels are mounted to this central ventilation duct, which are called satellites, they begin to function from the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens of each apartment. It is thanks to this channel that the “old” air forcibly leaves the apartments and goes through the ventilation shaft and enters the atmosphere. At first glance, such a device works very simply, but sometimes breakdowns, accidents or unpredictable force majeure occur, they can disrupt the normal operation of ventilation and lead to problems. Natural ventilation in the apartment should provide the room with air in the right amount and in a timely manner, which means that all this device should work flawlessly and every minute. Otherwise, residents will quickly feel problems in the air circulation.

Causes of disruption of natural ventilation:

What is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged

  • Seasonality. The main problem is that the device described above works well and smoothly in the cold season, but when it is warm outside and the air temperature is high, its functioning decreases. Therefore, the lack of air in the apartment is often felt in the summer, then you can not do without the purchase of additional supply and exhaust ventilation devices and other air-conditioned equipment.
  • Incorrect connection of exhaust umbrellas. A frequent problem with incorrectly connected hoods in the kitchen can lead to an unfavorable result. Incorrectly performing this type of installation will lead to the formation of an air plug, which will literally break the entire system.
  • Garbage in the ventilation duct. Sometimes foreign objects get into the central ventilation shaft, and they do not allow the air to circulate fully. Remember, if such a case occurred in your house, in no case do not try to remove the stuck objects yourself, it is forbidden for private persons to enter the mine, even with the best intentions. It is dangerous for your life, contact professionals.
  • Retrofitting of vent channels. There are situations when natural ventilation disappears due to neighborly repair processes, as a result of which the ventilation duct broke or it was incorrectly redirected, wanting to expand its living space. Because of such an ill-considered action, all residents living on the lower floors will suffer, and ventilation in their apartments will literally not work.

How to improve the natural ventilation in the apartment?

If you are thinking about how to improve the natural ventilation in the apartment, then here are some effective options. You can significantly improve the operation of natural exhaust ventilation in an apartment by installing the following innovative devices in the house yourself:

  • Supply valves.
  • Exhaust systems.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation system.

Since natural air circulation is constantly needed, it is important to ensure air access in the winter season. After all, then the windows are closed and condensation sometimes occurs, which significantly increases the humidity in the room and causes mold, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. To avoid such a negative result, it is worth installing supply valves, they will perfectly cope with improving ventilation in the house and eliminate the accumulation of excess moisture. Remember, properly made ventilation will provide you and your loved ones with a constant, high-quality air flow, and this is a guarantee of health, especially if there are asthmatics or small children in the family.

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What is natural ventilation in an apartment and how is it arranged

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