DesignThe use of glass railings for the balcony
The use of glass railings for the balcony

The use of glass railings for the balcony

The glass balcony fence differs mainly not in its unusual and very attractive appearance, but in its increased strength and reliability. Such a fence must meet all safety requirements, but at the same time decorate the outer walls of buildings, making them especially attractive.

These fences are constantly subjected to numerous loads. Only thanks to its design features, this structure is able to withstand all of the above tests.


  • Features and performance characteristics of glass fences
  • Features of structural elements
  • Design features
  • Mounting

Features and performance characteristics of glass fences

Glass railings are often used in office style

Glass balcony railings are designed to change the appearance:

  • office buildings;
  • residential buildings;
  • school buildings;
  • pools and gazebos.
  • terraces and verandas;

In a densely populated city, such fences are widely used in the construction of balconies in residential high-rise buildings. When creating a particular structure, designers and architects pay special attention to fasteners and the fastening system itself.

Glass railings are very rare, but they make any balcony or loggia not only attractive, but also able to change the perception of the facade of the entire building, although in most cases only metal railings, or rather stainless steel, are installed.

Features of structural elements

glass railings for the balcony

Strong handrails and racks will ensure the reliability of the glass structure

Handrails or handrails are the main design element that guarantees safety and comfort to those who own such a room. The shape of the glass balcony railing can be any, from a square to a semicircle or circle.

Numerous experiments and quality checks of glass have shown that it is not inferior in strength to a sheet metal profile.

glass balcony

This is due to the peculiarities of glass processing. Quenching is carried out by heating up to 600 ° C followed by rapid cooling. In the process of such processing, surface tension occurs, which increases the strength of the material several times. The most vulnerable place is the ends of the sheet. However, once the broken glass breaks into many fragments, without sharp edges and unable to cause damage.

Triplex is the most popular glass for architectural structures

Triplex is especially popular. It is a multi-layered sheet that requires at least two layers of glass and a thin or liquid film to be laminated between them. This product is one of the most durable materials.

Tempered glass is used to decorate balconies and loggias, without thinking about the features of their care. Such a barrier is easily cleaned with special substances and is not affected by various temperatures and chemicals that are part of detergents or cleaning agents.

Special tempered glass is used for the fence

Another important feature is thermal conductivity. Single glazing is often used to arrange a winter garden on a balcony or loggia. On such a balcony, you can arrange a full-fledged recreation room, especially if you use roll-up, Roman or Japanese blinds to create designs and decorations.

Design features

The manufacture of glass balconies is a very complex process that requires strict compliance with all the rules and full compliance with existing technologies.

During the construction of the fastening system, it is strictly forbidden to drill holes in the glass surface yourself using a drilling tool. All the necessary holes can be made only in the conditions of production workshops.

glass balconies

What kind of fastening system will be depends only on the type of construction, but there are still several ways to fix the glass if fences for the balcony are built from it:

  • Connectors. Fastening takes place through a hole in the glass to special lugs welded to the racks.
  • Staples. The glass is put on a pin located at right angles to the screen, a threaded cap is used for fixing. Brackets are attached to the racks.
  • Use metal guides.
  • A metal profile is installed at the top and bottom of the structure, into the groove of which a glass screen is inserted.
  • The fence glazing can be inserted directly into the concrete and fastened together with bolts or studs.

A special technology is used in the manufacture of fasteners, so it is almost impossible to damage the glass during installation work.


A loggia or balcony with a tempered glass fence is a special design. It can become safe and beautiful only if the installation is carried out according to all the rules. When you start work on the construction of a glass fence, you should prepare the site and dismantle the old railing.

Choose only reliable fasteners and accessories for the glass balcony fence

First of all, take care of the reliable and correct fastening of the frame structure to the floor, ceiling and wall. All mounting points must be specified in the project documentation.

All work is carried out in compliance with safety and technology requirements. Special attention needs to be paid to the choice of fasteners, which must fully match the type of walls and ceiling.

During operation, do not apply excessive force when tightening the bolts. Installation is quite easy and fast, there is no garbage left after work, which means that no additional manipulations related to cleaning are required.

Impact-resistant glass fences

It should be remembered that glass fences are not afraid of blows, but even when destroyed, they crumble into many small parts, the edges of which are subjected to special processing so as not to damage others.

Companies engaged in such glass are ready to offer their customers a wide selection of accessories and glasses of various shapes and sizes. The choice is up to the consumer.

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The use of glass railings for the balcony

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