DesignStairs made of wood and their features
Stairs made of wood and their features

Stairs made of wood and their features

A wooden staircase is an important part of the house. After many years, it has not lost its relevance in the market. It, like any other ladder, has its advantages and disadvantages.


Stairs made of wood

No other staircase can create a feeling of comfort in the house, as it turns out with a wooden staircase.

It looks very beautiful and prestigious. It’s not for nothing that a tree is considered a sign of wealth.

Moreover, a staircase made of natural wood will bring a forest smell into the house. This will not only help to get closer to nature, but can also reduce stress.

A ladder made of wood is a purely eco-friendly option. It will not emit substances that can have a bad effect on the well-being of residents.

The weight of the steps is small, which helps to reduce the pressure on the floor and supporting structures of the house.

But it is worth remembering that only people with a lot of experience are able to process wood qualitatively, develop drawings and competently carry out installation.


A ladder made of wood

As for the disadvantages, there are not so many of them, and they are not significant. The price of a ladder made of natural high-quality wood can reach large sums, so many refuse this option.

The cost of the work of specialists is also paid at its proper value.

It is necessary to regularly cover the wood with varnish or oil, which is also expensive.

Types of stairs

The wooden staircase can be of several variations.

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase used to be used in the construction of castles and towers, only it was made not of wood, but of stone.

Such a staircase is suitable for those whose room area is not so large. Due to the fact that the staircase structure is twisted, it does not take up much space. This version of the stairs is cheaper, since it consumes less materials.

Such a staircase can easily fit into a modern interior, give it airiness and elegance.

But it is not always convenient to climb such a ladder, since the surface area for foot support is small. This staircase will not be a good option for those who have small children. A spiral staircase can be simply dangerous for them.

Flight of stairs

Floating stairs

This is the most familiar staircase, which is very comfortable to use. It is mainly placed in those houses where it is not so important to save space. Such a staircase consists of one or more flights, which are interconnected by small platforms. There are two types: straight and rotary. The first one has only one span, the second one has more than one platform.

Folding ladder

Folding ladder

Rarely used as the main staircase. Usually it is installed in an attic or other unimportant room. This ladder is very light and compact, as it is supposed to be constantly folded and unfolded. It usually represents three or more interconnected elements. The price of a folding ladder is affordable.

Stairs on boltsy

Stairs on boltsy

This species is rare, but it looks very interesting. It has no frame, so such a ladder is called self-supporting. The so-called bolts are attached to the ceiling, steps are already placed on them. Despite the fact that the structure seems unstable, each step of such a ladder can withstand six hundred kilograms. This option is also quite affordable.

Selection rules

The choice of stairs

The choice of stairs should be given special preference.

The first thing you need to decide is the place. A wooden staircase should not be located near the entrance. Because of the constant opening of the doors, cold air will enter the house. This will create temperature differences. Also, heating and electrical appliances should be as far away from the wooden stairs as possible.

It is important to design the stairs correctly. It is better to do this at the design stage of the house. This task is assigned to the designer and architect.

The mount for the stairs should be very strong, especially if it concerns the stairs on the bolts.

Shrinkage should be taken into account when designing. As a counter to this, constructions with height adjustment of the pillar are offered.

The material is one of the main points. The interstory stairs are made of hardwood. Usually they choose oak, maple or beech, as their decent price is justified by the quality.

Having learned about the pros, cons and other features of wooden stairs, the decision to buy such a ladder is yours.

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Stairs made of wood and their features

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