DesignReducing the price of the kitchen: how to save
Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

Is it possible to purchase a convenient, multifunctional, durable and stylish kitchen set, but at the same time save on ordering a kitchen? Yes, if you think about it in advance and use a few tips from experienced designers and furniture makers.

Economical kitchen planning

Savings are impossible without detailed planning and design: it is the sketch that allows you to understand which elements can be discarded. Make an ideal kitchen set design with a description of materials, shades and accessories, evaluate it and decide what can be excluded without compromising comfort and beauty.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

Send your project to several companies at once for calculation. Do not forget to clarify what materials the manufacturer offers, up to their brand. You can send a sketch not only to furniture workshops, but also to aggregators – for example, to online stores. They cooperate with several factories, at least one of them will definitely offer the desired kitchen set at a low price.

Life hacks when planning

The correct layout can save money on buying a kitchen, in this case the rule “the simpler, the cheaper” works. The usual, affordable and simple option is a straight kitchen, the more expensive one is a corner one, and the cost of a U–shaped headset will be higher than all of them.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

But the island layout in a large room allows you to unload the second tier as much as possible, abandoning the upper modules and hinged elements.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

The cost of the kitchen in the end may be lower than that of the corner option. Other secrets that will help reduce the final cost:

  • Pay attention to the type of doors at the lockers. You can save money on buying a kitchen if you choose models with hinged doors, since the price of reclining ones is higher due to the availability of additional parts.
  • Lockers with one wide swing door are cheaper than with two.
  • Do not install high cabinets “in the ceiling”, choose kitchen modules of standard height. The higher the cabinets, the more expensive their manufacture will be. In addition, the mezzanine is usually a “dead zone” in which nothing necessary is stored.
  • Calculate and increase the width of the elements. The cost of one locker with a standard width of 80 cm will be lower than two of 40 cm.
  • Replace some of the hinged cabinets with open shelves that do not have facades.
  • 1-2 drawers are enough to place in them the utensils that you use especially often.
  • Give up corner kitchens with pentagonal cabinets in favor of conventional models connecting at an angle of 90 degrees.

If you still chose corner lockers, then you should not save on their “stuffing”. A variety of carousels and traveling shelves will allow you to place a lot of items there that will be easy to get. This saves space and allows you to abandon the upper hinged drawers.

We buy the kitchen in parts

You can save money on the arrangement of the kitchen if you buy a set in parts. There may be two options for such a purchase:

  • To purchase an inexpensive ready-made housing, and to order facades for it separately, while they may be more expensive.
  • Buy a kitchen set in separate modules.

Manufacturers will certainly offer the production of furniture according to individual parameters. This allows rational use of the kitchen area, but significantly increases its cost. Think over the layout so that you can do with standard structures.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

Reducing the number of radius elements

Any radius element increases the cost of kitchen furniture by an average of 10%, since their manufacture is quite time-consuming. Alternative ways to make the end face logical and complete:

  • open shelves;
  • bar counters;
  • lockers with beveled corners.

We save on the material of facades

Budget material for facades is laminated chipboard. However, MDF is more environmentally friendly and will last longer. Ask the manufacturer to calculate the cost of the design project of your kitchen in both versions. It is possible that the difference will not be too great.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

A working way to save on facades is a combination of expensive and cheap materials. For example, the facades of the lower cabinets can be made of laminated chipboard, and the upper ones can be made of more expensive MDF with enamel. An inexpensive alternative to enamel is a glossy PVC film, which does not give such a mirror–like smooth shine, but still looks respectable.

It will not be possible to buy a cheap kitchen from an array, but MDF facades lined with natural veneer can become a replacement. Another way to save on materials is to abandon glass facades. If you really want them to be, give preference to transparent glass over painted or matte.

Pay attention to the practicality of the selected material. For example, glossy facades of kitchen sets look very stylish, but require constant maintenance, removal of finger marks and greasy splashes.

Kitchen Set style

Another answer to the question of how to make a kitchen cheaper is to choose its style. An affordable option is modern, which assumes smooth surfaces. The most expensive is a classic, with an abundance of details, complex finishes and inserts from stained glass windows.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

The color of the facades also affects the cost of the headset: the more original it is, the higher the price will be. Standard options are white, beige, gray, brown, purple. All of them are suitable for a custom kitchen in the style of minimalism, which will not go out of fashion for a long time.

Table top material

Expensive materials, from which you immediately need to give up, if there is a question of what you can save when ordering a kitchen, are natural stone, solid wood. Much cheaper chipboard covered with plastic, and the most budget choice is laminated chipboard.

Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

With careful handling, such a countertop will last up to 10 years. If it is severely damaged, when it is replaced, you can also save your budget, unlike a countertop made of natural stone or wood.

Expensive models include a solid countertop. This is a convenient solution, since there are no cracks in which dirt and water can get into. But if there is a question of how to save money, it is better to choose a separate countertop for each element, and close the cracks with special seals.

Kitchen furniture fittings

A significant part of the budget when buying a headset goes to accessories, so this item needs to be considered very carefully. Life hacks will help you save on accessories:

  • Put expensive guides only on boxes where heavy utensils (pots, pans) will be stored. The cost of the rest can be reduced if you use simple roller guides.
  • It is not necessary to buy accessories immediately when ordering a headset. Compare its price on websites on the Internet. Perhaps the independent purchase of pens will be more profitable.
  • The last stage of the purchase is installation. There is often a temptation to buy a high-quality kitchen without assembly in order to assemble it yourself. Before making such a decision, specify the terms of the warranty. Many factories give it only if the headset was assembled by company employees.

Finally, don’t forget about discounts and sales. They take place not only in online and offline stores, but also at exhibitions. After the end of the next furniture forum, manufacturers of kitchen sets offer exhibition samples with significant discounts.

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Reducing the price of the kitchen: how to save

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