ProjectArchitecturePolymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Polymer board is a very stable and durable building material. At the initial stage of its production, wood is mixed with a special type of plastic. After the future polymer decking passes the polymerization stage, the material is endowed with improved properties and attractive external characteristics.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Decking is a popular material for the arrangement of a country plot

  • 1 Decking decking: varieties and features of application
    • 1.1 Board made of treated wood
    • 1.2 Seamless decking made of solid wood
  • 2 Polymer decking: dimensions
  • 3 Main manufacturers of decking
  • 4 Fixing of the decking and additional materials
  • 5 Installation of the board with your own hands
    • 5.1 Nuances and installation rules

Decking decking: varieties and features of application

Experts distinguish three main groups of decking. The main difference between them lies in the material of manufacture. Although consumers should pay additional attention to the installation method, surface texture and other equally important characteristics.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

With the help of a terrace board, you can easily and beautifully equip the house territory

A fairly popular plastic decking is called a wood-polymer composite (WPC). To produce the appropriate material, polymer materials are mixed with wood flour. Such flooring is resistant to moisture, does not rot, and also easily tolerates significant mechanical loads.

Among the negative aspects, it is possible to distinguish not the most attractive appearance of such products. It is logical that plastic decking is inferior in this respect to analogues made of natural wood. In addition, the plastic may deform somewhat over time.

WPC boards are divided into polished and unpolished. In terms of external parameters, they practically do not differ in anything. Experts say that the polished version of the surface is absolutely not slippery. Although in practice, after a month, this difference will be leveled. In terms of sliding, polished and unpolished boards will become almost identical against the background of external factors.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Polymer terrace boards can be both polished and not

Useful advice! It is not always necessary to blindly give preference to polished plastic boards. It is possible that as a result of this action, unscrupulous manufacturers are deliberately trying to hide the shortcomings of their own products. Board defects may be the result of using raw materials of not the highest quality.

Before you buy a WPC decking, you should make sure that the top layer of polymer materials is not damaged as a result of grinding. If this happens, the product will be destroyed as soon as possible. This will happen due to the continuous contact of wood particles with environmental factors.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Before buying a board, you should carefully inspect it for defects

As for the price of a decking made of WPC, it largely depends on the authority and recognition of the manufacturer. On average, this parameter varies from 1 thousand to 1500 rubles. per sq. m. larch differs in low cost, the price of a decking of this breed will be much lower.

Board made of treated wood

In order for natural wood not to lose its natural characteristics quite quickly, two of the most common methods of processing it are used. The first of them is impregnation. We are talking about vacuum impregnation of wood with the help of special chemicals.

In order to achieve a positive result in this case, a special technology has been invented. After the processing is completed, the resistance of the material to the reproduction of fungus, other harmful microorganisms, as well as to rotting significantly increases. As a result, the board will definitely serve its owners for about 15-20 years.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

The price of the boards mainly depends on the manufacturer

Before you buy decking from treated wood, you need to make sure of the positive effect of impregnation. To do this, experts recommend carefully scraping off the top layer, which just encountered the vacuum impregnation procedure earlier. All layers of wood should have an identical shade. Such a product can be safely purchased. If it was found that the layers are characterized by different colors, then it can be assumed that only the surface of the board encountered the application of a special protective coating.An alternative method of producing a decking involves its heat treatment.

The wood is heated at a temperature of 200 degrees. Then the workpiece becomes denser and lighter. The process of repelling water in this case occurs without the additional use of auxiliary means. It is very important to know that any wood that has encountered heat treatment will not be subjected to rotting in the future.

On the other hand, when laying a decking after temperature treatment, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it becomes more fragile. Chips, cracks and dents on the surface may well appear after blows or falls of sufficiently heavy objects.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Thanks to the processing, the decking will last for many years

To do this, it is quite possible to use the above tips.

Seamless decking made of solid wood

Various wood species can be used to make the appropriate boards. The most common of them are:

  • oak;
  • pine tree;
  • cedar, etc.

Without any problems, you can buy a decking made of larch or from rare wood species that are specially imported from Asia, Africa and South America.

Useful advice! Consumers can choose products from the most durable varieties of trees. Boards in this case can serve for about 80 years.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

This is what a decking looks like without connecting seams

Among the durable rocks, as an example, the famous mahogany massaranduba tree can be distinguished. It is necessary to know that the price of polymer decking from this raw material will be quite high. The corresponding mahogany is characterized by a significant content of rubber resins. This leads to increased wear resistance of products. Even mold fungi are not able to infect this type of wood.

Effective resistance to seawater is characteristic of the Australian walnut board. It is no coincidence that this decking from the manufacturer is actively used in the field of shipbuilding. This type of wood will not lose its positive qualities even if it is constantly in the open air.

Most of all, solid wood products are suitable for consumers who prefer natural materials. However, they need to carefully take care of such a board.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Depending on the needs, you can choose the appropriate type of decking

Polymer decking: dimensions

The width of these products may vary significantly. This important parameter can vary from 90 to 250 mm. There are standard sizes of decking, which should be guided when choosing. The length of the product can be 3-6 m. Because of such a variety, it is possible to choose boards even for specific operating conditions.

Very carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of the thickness of the products. For the thickest boards, this parameter is usually 42-48 mm. The average dimensions of the decking in terms of thickness are 25-30 mm. The thinnest products are also in demand. Their thickness is in the range of 18-22 mm.

Necessary materials for installation of a decking (decking)

Tile decking, which is made from WPC, deserves special attention. It is better to use it in order to cover an area that is insignificant in area. The installation of a WPC decking can become in demand if there is no possibility to use other types of products on a particular site.

Useful advice! Due to the fact that the size of the decking can be very diverse, when choosing it is necessary to start from your own needs, as well as from future operating conditions. You can give preference to small options with dimensions of 25×25 cm. Larger variants have parameters of 50×50 cm .

The main manufacturers of decking

If we talk about companies engaged in the production of decking from the most valuable and rare types of wood, then the leader of the corresponding market segment is definitely a large corporation JUNGLWOOD. The enterprises of this company are located today in Indonesia and Portugal. The use of only the most advanced technologies allows the finished product to preserve the unique characteristics of rare varieties of wood.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

If the board has been processed, it is necessary to make sure that all layers of wood have an identical shade

The Italian company Ital Parchetti is also a fairly recognizable manufacturer. This company uses only the highest quality raw materials for the manufacture of products that are imported from Africa and South America. Future deck boards for the terrace are delivered in the form of logs, which face primary processing at the place of production of finished products.

All stages of production, without exception, are under strict control. More widespread is the production of composite boards for the terrace, which also enjoys a high level of demand. In this case, you can safely give preference to the well-known American brand TREX. The quality guarantee of the products in this case is 25 years. A 10-year warranty on its own products is provided by the well-known Korean company WOOZEN. Many other companies guarantee the preservation of the original quality of their products for 7 years after release.

Fixing of the decking and additional materials

Regardless of the selected board option, before installing it, it is necessary to install reliable load-bearing supports.  It is especially important to use supports when installing composite decking, which needs additional fastening. Lags can be:

  • wooden;
  • aluminum;
  • composite.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Example of fixing a decking on logs

Installation of supports made of wood under a Corduroy decking and other varieties is carried out at a distance of about 60-100 cm from each other. This parameter directly depends on the section of the selected beam. Logs are made only from dry wood species. Their humidity indicators should not exceed the mark of 25%. Before starting the installation, they are necessarily treated with highly effective protective equipment.

The popular decking made of wood-polymer composite, which is supposed to be used in difficult climatic conditions, needs composite supports.

Useful advice! Composite logs are best purchased for use in a private home. These supports are not able to withstand too serious mechanical stress. Before the main stage of laying, a dense layer of rubber should be placed between the concrete base and the ground. The width of the step when installing these logs is on average 30-40 cm.

The most expensive option is definitely aluminum logs, characterized by an increased level of strength. For this reason, it is better to purchase these supports for areas facing maximum loads. When installing the appropriate supports, the optimal step is 100 cm.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Example of installation of a decking

Before starting the installation, it is very important to understand the features of the WPC, what it is and how to use its strengths. This type of boards needs additional framing with the help of end elements. Special abutment bars should be installed between the flooring and the wall of the structure. There are also various profiles and an edging bar.

The task of edging is to provide protection for open cuts of products. Thanks to its use, the materials will be protected from the negative effects of environmental factors, as well as retain their attractive appearance for a longer period of time.

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Characteristic features, positive qualities. Methods of repair and advice from experienced builders.

When installing these products, it is necessary to use strong screws. They are the only auxiliary elements. As for the boards made of solid timber, their proper operation involves the use of various means of protection. They are necessary for the impregnation of wood.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Side plugs can be placed on the decking

It should be noted that due to periodic processing, the cost of a decking can increase significantly. This procedure is performed for the first time before installation. It is very important to process the board from both sides. The re-finished coating needs an appropriate procedure after 2 years. Protection of the surface from rotting and the negative effects of direct sunlight is provided through the use of azure oil. On berths and near pools, special oils are needed that reduce slip rates.

The cost of all the drugs presented above is quite high. To cover approximately 40 sq. m. of the coating, you will need a full jar of oil. Its cost is within 500 rubles. Taking into account the fact that the price of decking itself is high, the total costs will be felt for any consumers. On the other hand, without additional protection, these coatings will not be able to last the period guaranteed by the manufacturers.

Installation of the board with your own hands

After evaluating the photo of the decking in the exterior, many consumers will be interested in this type of flooring for the house and the adjacent plot. Despite the apparent complexity of the installation process, it is quite possible to cope with this task on your own. It is only important to listen to the advice of experienced specialists.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

It is enough to have a screwdriver to fasten the decking

Installation of WPC siding and other types of coating can only be carried out on a flat surface. It can be a wooden structure, a concrete screed or various types of supports. It is not recommended to mount on a gravel or sand cushion.

Useful advice! The space between the flooring on the supports and the ground can be waterproofing, as well as provide high-quality ventilation. The gaps formed as a result of the corresponding actions can be quite used for carrying out various communications.

When self-mounting, it is recommended to opt for unregulated supports. Thanks to their use, even a decking made of wood-polymer composite will not face problems due to the slope and height of the relief. Propylene supports will get rid of these problems. They will easily tolerate temperature changes, high humidity levels and significant loads.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Before installing the decking, you need to use strong screws

Even on difficult terrain, it is possible to equip outdoor terraces and playgrounds. However, it is necessary to use screw piles for this. This type of foundation will be characterized by increased strength, as well as better bearing capacity. Previously, it is recommended to study in detail the video of the installation of a decking and screw-type piles performed by professionals.

Nuances and rules of installation

During installation, you can safely listen to the advice of manufacturers who know the technical features of their own products better than others. There are two main ways to install a corduroy decking made of larch and other coverings. You can leave a gap of 4-6 mm between the boards or make the installation seamless. Additionally, linear expansion is also taken into account. This indicator is equal to 4-5 mm per linear meter. It is forbidden to place the boards close to the fence or wall. The minimum distance from the corresponding surfaces should be 1.5—2 cm.

Installation of the flooring should be carried out at an angle of 2-2.5%. This is done so that the outflow of rainwater occurs effectively. Often the terrace is closely adjacent to the building. In this case, the pendant should be directed in the opposite direction from the walls. There are logs under the flooring, and it is better to leave gaps between them without filling. This solution will provide high-quality ventilation of the structure.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

You can not place the boards at close range to the walls

In addition to the price of composite decking, even the most minimal installation rules should be taken into account. The step between the lags should be 40-45. Although these are average figures. Usually reputable manufacturers provide more accurate recommendations for the installation of their products. If an open mounting type was selected, then all elements should be visible. In fairness, it should be noted that this option will reduce the attractiveness of the design, because the fastening elements will be visible above the surface.

With a hidden type of mounting, preference is given to hidden mounting elements. Usually manufacturers provide them to customers along with boards. This means that the price of plastic decking will not increase because of this.

Useful advice! All joints and ends during installation should be on the logs. At the very beginning of the installation, it is necessary to fix the starting profile. Before finishing the work, it is necessary to close the ends with a finishing bar.

Beginners should understand that, without exception, connecting clips, screws and other types of fasteners should be installed at all places where the logs intersect with the boards. Certain types of supports have structures with special grooves designed for rubber terminals. They are used when installing structures in places characterized by significant temperature differences.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

Terrace, beautifully equipped with decking

It is very important for beginners to study the instructions for the relevant materials in detail. Each manufacturer attaches it to its own products. It is very convenient if illustrations are attached to the instructions, as well as a step-by-step description of each procedure.

After installation, the polymer flooring is not particularly demanding in terms of maintenance. Every season it is necessary to perform preventive actions. They should be directed against the fungus and various parasites. Proper care involves wet cleaning. Surface cleaning can be carried out most easily and efficiently under high pressure.

There are no significant restrictions and even more prohibitions on the use of certain floor cleaning products. Considerable efforts must be made to get rid of more serious contaminants. We are talking about coffee or wine stains, which are very difficult to remove. In this case, even the use of rather rigid metal brushes is allowed. Additionally, you can use a fine type of sandpaper.

Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

It is better to entrust the installation of a decking to professionals

Summing up, it is necessary to focus on the variety of decking. Different materials are used to produce the appropriate floor coverings. Even composite models are in high demand. In general, we are talking about a safe, modern and reliable coating.This floor also has an attractive appearance, which is not able to change for the worse over time. The decking floor is easily able to fit into any interior of the room. The same applies to landscape design, because such boards are quite often used today in the open space when arranging private houses or cottages.

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Polymer decking: types and basic rules of laying

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