DesignOptions for the design and decoration of wooden stairs in the interior of the house
Options for the design and decoration of wooden stairs in the interior of the house

Options for the design and decoration of wooden stairs in the interior of the house

Which staircase should I build to the second floor? Almost every owner of a private house asks this question. The main selection criteria are safety and convenience of the design in operation. The moment is also important, how organically it will fit into the interior. Therefore, the design of stairs in a wooden house does not go into the background when drafting a project.

Staircase design options

Wooden stair structures come in several types:

  • Spiral staircases are an exclusive design solution for those who want to add a twist to the home environment. Externally, they are structures with curved railings. Spiral staircases are very beautiful and will appeal to connoisseurs of modernism. But they are inconvenient for the elderly. The disadvantage of the design can also be attributed to the complexity of its execution. Therefore, for their construction, they often resort to the help of professionals.Spiral staircases
    Staircases design options
    wooden stairs in the interior
    wooden stair in the interior
  • Folding models are used in rooms of a small area, as well as when there is no constant need to climb to the upper floor. A significant disadvantage of folding ladders is their loosening, as well as breakage in cases of intensive use.wooden stair in the interior The folding structure, when folded, completely fits in the hatch
  • Marching stairs are captivating with their simplicity, reliability. They are safe to use, suitable for people of any age.Marching stairs
    Marching stair
    elegant marching stairs
    Staircase design options

Marching structures are the most commonly used stair structures. There are several subspecies of stairs:

  • on kosours;
  • on the bowstrings;
  • on boltsy.

Ladders on kosours

Oblique beams are called bearing beams at an angle, on which steps and fences are attached. Fastening methods are different and depend on the number of beams. Based on the properties of the structure and shape, they can be straight, polyline, involute.

Ladders on kosours
Ladder on kosour
indoor stairs

Structures on the slopes have the following advantages over other types of stairs:

  • high level of security;
  • universal appearance, thanks to which they will look good both in an ordinary log house and in an elite cottage.
  • availability of a large selection of sizes, decor;
  • the possibility of choosing the use of approaches.

Kosour structures are also attractive because on the basis of the traditional model, you can create beautiful wooden stairs on an individual order. For example, the structure can be given lightness due to glass railings or transparent plastic handrails.

interior staircase Transparent railings create a feeling of lightness and lightness

Ladders on bowstrings

The basis of the structure is made up of side load-bearing beams with grooves into which steps are inserted. For the manufacture of this type of stairs, wood is often taken, although plastic models have recently begun to appear on the market.

Ladders on bowstrings
Ladder on bowstrings
wood staircase
modern wood stairs

Ladders on bowstrings are installed, as a rule, in small country houses. Among the positive aspects of such structures , the following are noted:

  • the possibility of replacing individual structural elements;
  • simple installation;
  • safety, high strength;
  • a wide choice of staircase shapes: spiral, L-shaped, rounded or straight;
  • the possibility of implementing a variety of design solutions: the arrangement of balusters in a free form, the presence or absence of approaches.

The disadvantages of the bowstring construction are high-precision calculations and experience in performing work. Errors in the project or unreliable fasteners will negatively affect the safety of the object. The discrepancies of the bearing beams, the loss of steps from the grooves is fraught with serious injuries.

Boltz construction

Bolts are strong metal supports secured with bolts. The design is characterized by simplicity, reliability, durability. Since the load-bearing beam is attached to the ceiling, wall or floor with metal rods, structures can withstand a very heavy load.

Ladders on bowstrings
Ladders on bowstrings with steel
floating indoor stair
residential staircase

Stairs on Boltsy are good because they can be disassembled, repaired or reconstructed at any time. Open and closed steps are suitable for such structures. They can be of any shape, size.

Beautiful stairs on boltsy in a wooden house give the interior airiness and lightness due to the absence of a pronounced load-bearing element. And the free area under them can be used rationally. For example, to make a small library there by installing 2-3 bookshelves.

Spiral staircases

Structures of this type are perfect for lovers of the original interior, as well as owners of premises with a limited number of useful square meters.

The spiral structure is formed by: a support post, steps, fences, railings. The shape of the stairs are very diverse: from round to 8-angle.

The frame of the screw structure is made in most cases of metal. However, it is not uncommon to find models made only of wood. Strength, durability are the main advantages of spiral staircases. However, it is not recommended to install such structures in homes where there are children and elderly people with musculoskeletal disorders.

Materials for the manufacture of stairs

In the production of stair structures , they use:

  • wood;
  • concrete;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • plywood;
  • a combination of materials.

Metal structures are in great demand. They are considered environmentally friendly, reliable, durable, affordable. It is often practiced to combine these materials with glass, stone, plastic. This allows you to bring the design closer to the style of the interior.

Spiral staircases Combination of metal frame and wooden steps

A wooden staircase in a modern style is made of such wood species as pine, oak, beech, fir, larch, birch. Such constructions can be supplemented with metal railings decorated with forging.

Materials for the manufacture of stairs Forged fences radically change the overall perception

The stone structure also looks no less impressive and is characterized by a long service life. However, a high-strength base is required for its installation, since stone is a heavy material.

Combination of metal frame and wooden steps The stone is quite heavy, so a solid concrete base is necessary for the construction of this material

Steps or risers are often made of natural stone, and all other elements are made of artificial, which greatly facilitates the design. An unnatural stone is inferior to a natural one in its characteristics, but in appearance it differs little from it.

Stone stairs with forging look especially beautiful and rich. An interesting view is created by steps made of rough stone in combination with a railing made of curved branches.

A wooden staircase in a modern style The steps made of rough stone give the interior the atmosphere of an ancient castle

Concrete is considered the most budget finishing material for stairs. Despite its strength and safety, it is not distinguished by its durability.

Stair constructions with glass steps are suitable for high-tech, pop art, loft styles. They are made of high-strength tempered glass, so you can safely walk on them.

The steps made of rough stone Constructions with glass steps perfectly fit into the high-tech style

Popular styles of stairs

Currently, there are many different styles of staircase designs. Their number is constantly changing, as design elements are being improved, supplemented, while forming a completely new style.

However , it is customary to single out several of the most well – known approaches:

  • Provence. Such stairs differ from others in their light tone, brevity, lightness, and monotonous balustrade. Structures in this French style are usually made of wood or stone. Admirers of this style are calm, confident people.Popular styles of stairs
  • Loft. It is characterized by clarity, straightness of contours, rough shapes. In structures of this type there are no closed railings, shaped balustrades. Due to the rough steps made of wood, this style can never be confused with another.railings
  • Scandinavian style. Its main features are contrasting colors, massive construction, no–frills design. A white Scandinavian-style staircase in a wooden house looks especially impressive.Scandinavian-style staircase
  • Classic. Quiet structures made of natural stone, expensive wood and with forged decorative elements give the interior sophistication an staircase

Color solutions

Staircases should be made in a color that is in harmony with the interior. Today there is a wide range of shades to choose from. The most popular are:

  • Walnut color. It is represented by a diverse range of shades. The walnut-colored staircase can be either light or dark, with a red or golden hue. Striped beige wallpaper and a dark floor are perfectly combined with the “walnut” staircase.The walnut-colored staircase
  • Wenge color. The color scheme varies from dark brown to almost black. The wenge color design looks good with light pink, olive, pistachio, milky wallpaper.The wenge color stair
  • The color is oak. Oak can be of any shade, starting from white and ending with black. Designs of this color are in harmony with blue, gold, gray, beige, yellow shades.The oak color of staircase

Stair structures can also be two-tone. For example, a building that combines white and black colors looks beautiful and rich.

Railing options

Handrails are components of stairway structures that perform the following functions:

  • they serve for convenient, safe ascent and descent;
  • they act as a decoration.

The design of the railing includes handrails, balusters. The handrail refers to the bar that runs along the flight of stairs. A baluster is an element that performs the function of maintaining a handrail.

There is a wide selection of railings on the construction market. They come in different models:

  • Aluminum and stainless steel. Their main advantage is aesthetic appearance, reasonable price, long service life, ease of maintenance.Handrails
  • Forged. The main criterion for choosing such products is beauty and grace. They are created by hot and cold forging.Railing options
  • Wooden. They are eco-friendly, attractive appearance, a wide choice of colors.Wooden stairs
  • Stone and concrete. The main disadvantage is a large weight, the advantages are durability and strength.Stone and concrete stair
  • Glass. Fragile-looking products are characterized by durability. They are easy to install and dismantle. However, along with the pros there are cons: high cost and difficult maintenance.Glass stairs
  • Combined. These are railings that combine different materials. For example, forged balusters and handrails made of wood.railings that combine different materials

The choice of a particular railing option depends on the style of the interior and the taste preferences of the owner of the house.

Staircase lighting

The lighting of the staircase structure is used for safe movement along it and for decoration. By choosing one or another type of lighting, you can create a suitable atmosphere in the house.

particular railing option

The illumination of the steps on the ladder contributes to safe movement along it in the dark.

Practical and aesthetic use of the space under the stairs

The free space formed under the stairs can be usefully used:

  • Create a recreation area. A cozy sofa, a floor lamp, a bookshelf, a coffee table and a mug of tea are all you need after a busy working under the stairs
  • Organize a workplace or an office. This will be an excellent solution in case of insufficient number of rooms in the house.Practical and aesthetic use of the space under the stairs
  • Put a cabinet or shelving. Decorated with various objects, it will become the highlight of your interior.aesthetic use of the space under the stairs

Rationally use not only the place under the stairs, but also between the steps. Under them they create special boxes for storing things: shoes, magazines, newspapers. It is not necessary to overload the stairs with things too much, as this can lead to the destruction of the structure.

The stairwell space between the flights is filled with soft seats and this area is used for reading your favorite book or evening gatherings with loved ones.

Stairs with an original design

Sometimes designers get so carried away with their ideas that they create real works of art from decorative wooden stairs, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Stairs with an original design
Stair with an original design

original design of stairs
spiral stairs design
modern stairs design

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Options for the design and decoration of wooden stairs in the interior of the house

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