DesignIdeas for using the space under the stairs in a private house
Ideas for using the space under the stairs in a private house

Ideas for using the space under the stairs in a private house

Due to the slope, the staircase occupies a significant part of the area, which it would be unwise to ignore. After all, the space under the stairs in a country house can become a fully functional and self-sufficient part of the living space.

Utility rooms under the stairs

An empty space under the stairs, taking up a significant part of the free space, can be turned from a disadvantage into a virtue. Moreover, an interesting design and thoughtful execution will make this part of a country house or cottage the highlight of the entire interior. We offer you original options for using such a room: from a place for storing food to the equipment of a full kitchen, bathroom, library or study.

Toilet or bathroom

Under a large flight of stairs, there is enough space for arranging a toilet with a washbasin, shower or bathtub. As a rule, they are equipped as additional rooms for guests.

Ideas for using the space under the stairs

You will need a room for the toilet:

  • width from 1.2 m;
  • length from 2.3 m;
  • height from 2.6 m (closer to the corners, the lowest height is up to 1 m).

Utility rooms under the stairs

In a room where residents or guests will be able to fully wash, you will need a little more space – one of its walls should be large enough to install at least a sitting bath or shower. Do not forget only that such rooms require not only high-quality ventilation, but also waterproofing of floors and vapor barrier of walls and ceiling. Subject to compliance with all the above requirements, it is possible to equip even a miniature bath or sauna here.

empty space under the stairs

The bathroom will seem visually more spacious if you use light-colored finishing materials and mirrors. In dim light, part of the space is hidden, so it will be necessary to take care of sufficient lighting.


In every country house there are many things: skis, bicycle, stroller, stepladder, ironing board, vacuum cleaner and other bulky items, the placement of which sometimes becomes a real problem.

Storeroom under the stairs

Free space under the stairs to the second floor

Free space under the stairs to the second floor in this case will be most welcome. Moreover, it is located near the front door. But it will be possible to use it as a storeroom in the absence of batteries or heating pipes here.


The space under the stairs is also suitable for storing seasonal items: sheepskin coats, fur coats, down jackets, raincoats, jackets, shoes, etc. There are many options for the arrangement of cabinets – it all depends only on the free space and your desire.

space under the stairs is also suitable for storing seasonal items

Retractable structures, closed most of the time, are not only original, but also very convenient. It is absolutely not necessary to hide a small space under the landing behind the door. If you pick up cabinets in the same style as the rest of the furniture, they will look harmonious and stylish.

Storage of products

In the absence of a cellar, some of the workpieces that do not require a reduced temperature for storage will be stirred on the shelves under the stairs. Rarely used kitchen utensils are also stored here. You can also arrange a storage room for ready-made, already corked wines in such a room (you will still need a cooler room for their aging).

shelves under the stairs

In order for the light to fall on the bottles as little as possible, it will be necessary to take care of dark or tinted doors. For real winemakers, this is also an opportunity to once again demonstrate to guests the fruits of their labor.

Functional areas

Depending on the size, configuration and location in the house, the podlestnichnoe space can be used as independent functional areas or parts thereof.


In most cases, the staircase is located near the entrance door, so part of the furniture from the hallway is placed under it – a wardrobe or a hanger and a shelf for shoes. A small banquette or even a sofa will be appropriate, on which you can sit down while taking off or putting on shoes.

If you choose furniture to match the main hallway, the room can not be closed with a door. Here you can also place a coffee table and a couple of armchairs.

Hallway in the hallway

In this case, while waiting for the hosts, the guests will be able to look through the latest press without hurrying. A mirror, an umbrella stand and a bedside table for seasonal items or bags will complete the interior.


It is placed under the stairs mainly with a lack of space, when you have to save every meter. But with a reasonable approach, even a full-fledged kitchen can be made from a podlestnichny space.

stairs in the kitchen

Standard furniture will not work here – because of the specifics of the architecture, it will have to be made to order or assembled with your own hands. First of all, it is necessary to think over the laying of communication and exhaust. Otherwise, the steam coming from the stove and sink will quickly render wooden structures unusable. In order not to bend down often, it is better to equip cabinets in the place of a small rise of a flight of stairs, which will have to be used less often.

staircase in the kitchen

Another option is also used – a room located nearby is allocated for washing, stoves and cabinets, and only a refrigerator, freezer, washing machine and dishwashers are placed under the stairs.


A fireplace heated with wood or coal under a wooden or log staircase is not the best idea. But if the flight of stairs has a concrete base, this option is quite possible. It will only be necessary to think over a place for the removal of burnt fuel – a chimney.

Fireplace under the stairs

Depending on the general style, such a hearth can be decorated with tiles, bricks, stone or wood.

stairs decor

The equipment of an electric fireplace under the stairs in a wooden house is much simpler and safer. Moreover, modern models of electric fireplaces outwardly differ little from conventional, wood-heated ones.


A small home library with your favorite publications can be placed in a niche under the stairs. Shelves or a cabinet are installed most often under the staircase itself, and a small table and a couple of comfortable chairs are located nearby.

small home library can be placed in a niche under the stairs

Shelves with books can be combined with a sleeping place – a small sofa. A fairly roomy upper part of the niche in this case will not be empty.

a small sofa under the stairs


If there is no possibility to allocate a significant area for a study in the house, it is quite possible to use the space under the stairs for these purposes. It can become either a full-fledged room with a computer desk, a comfortable chair, a bookcase, or a small corner with a couple of armchairs, one or two shelves and a coffee table.

use the space under the stairs

Some of the furniture can be moved outside the stairs. For example, a computer desk should be installed in a niche, and shelves with office equipment and books should be placed nearby.

furniture can be moved outside the stairs

Please note that the office should be well lit. It will be better if the lighting is not only local, but also spot. To do this, you can use several lamps built into the ceiling, as well as a floor lamp, which will give the room a special comfort and harmony.

Recreation area

Depending on the size of the bed space, you can equip a full-fledged sleeping place or a small corner for relaxation.

small corner for relaxation under the stairs

A comfortable couch, sofa or even a single armchair can be installed even in a small niche. If you make a small window in this place, your household will be able to enjoy the surrounding landscape in the evenings or just dream in a half-doze.

couch, sofa or even a single armchair under the stairs

Children’s play area

The space under the stairs is a ready–made house in which younger family members will spend their free time with interest. A small room perfectly corresponds to the ideas of children about comfort. It remains only to make a door for him and equip him with children’s play furniture. Depending on the inclinations of the child, the room can be decorated in the form of a dollhouse, a sports corner or an art workshop.

Children's play area under the stairs

Children's play area under a staircase

Be sure to take care of high-quality lighting. Semi-darkness in the children’s room is unacceptable. To make the room seem more spacious, try to use more light, pastel shades in the decoration. Bright figures of your favorite cartoon characters on the walls or furniture cases will help to enliven the corner.

space under the stairs

You can also equip a children’s bedroom in this place by installing a small sofa or a full-fledged single or bunk bed in a niche. Bright pillows, a soft, fluffy blanket will make this corner extremely cozy.


There is enough space under the stairs and for the arrangement of a full-fledged bar. The rack and chairs are located in the highest part of the span.

full-fledged bar under the stairs

When equipping such a room, it is left open or provided with a light door. Here you can also place a shelf for glasses and a small refrigerator for drinks.

Furniture placement

It will not be possible to install standard furniture in the space under the staircase. But experts today offer any types of cabinets, shelving and other furniture of any, even the most unexpected shape and size, according to individual projects.


The design of the open space under the stairs, including cabinets, should match the color scheme and style of the rest of the interior.

Wardrobe under the stairs

You can order any number of shelves for the cabinet, wood or glass doors, which can be either sliding or hinged.

ideas for place under the stairs

It can be installed against a wall or, if necessary, directly under a flight of stairs. Interesting — read more about the cabinets under the stairs.


You can replace a full–fledged cabinet with a whole system of shelves or racks – in some cases it will even be more convenient. They look less bulky, but there are no less things in them. Here you can place a TV, family photos, children’s toys, put an aquarium, equipment, etc.

idea for place under the stairs

If there is additional lighting or a window, you can place designer flower pots on the shelves.

If you have a little experience in carpentry, then you can assemble an unusual rack with your own hands.


A sleeping place under the stairs is a cozy corner for the residents of the house or guests to relax. Here you can use a bed or sofa in the form of a transformer, so that it can be assembled for a day, freeing up free space.

sleeping place under the stairs

Bright pillows and a cozy soft blanket will help to make such a sleeping place really cozy. An unusual bunk bed can be ordered for children.


A soft corner under the stairs can become a continuation of the living room or be a separate piece of furniture designed for residents to relax or receive visitors.

A soft corner under the stairs

The walls to the side of the sofa can be equipped with shelves on which not too heavy objects will be stored.

The original idea is boxes in the steps

The device of the stairs with drawers in the steps looks very unusual. When closed, it forms an original design, which can become a very attractive interior detail. You can store anything in them – from children’s things to books or household utensils.

The original idea is boxes in the steps

Drawers under the staircase are spacious, because their size is limited only by the height of the stairs and the width of the steps. In order for them to be easily extended, they are equipped with special mechanisms.

The device of the stairs

We have listed only the basic ideas of rational use of space under the stairs. But you can realize your own idea – install a large aquarium here, equip a real garden of plants or even a cozy place for a pet dog in the form of a spacious original booth. Any unusual and non-standard ideas will only give the house an individuality, make it a special cozy place where you want to come back again and again. Also if you need high-quality stair railings in the West Palm Beach area, don’t hesitate to contact Luxury Staircase Railings.

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Ideas for using the space under the stairs in a private house

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