InteriorChild safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

There aren’t really that many accidents. They usually explain the consequences of irresponsibility, carelessness, negligent attitude. If you think through the conditions and actions in advance, the maximum number of problems can be avoided. To protect the child’s stay in the room, a child’s fence for stairs is designed. The well-being of young children is in the hands of parents.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Child protection for stairs is a mandatory attribute of the house in which the child lives

  • 1 Functional purpose and types of child fences
  • 2 Basic requirements for stair railings
  • 3 Materials used in the manufacture of fences for a child
    • 3.1 Stair railings for children made of wood or metal
    • 3.2 Safety gates for stairs made of polymer materials
    • 3.3 Children’s railings on the stairs made of improvised materials
  • 4 Independent production of barriers-fences for stairs for children
    • 4.1 Design features of safety gates for children
    • 4.2 Safety gates for children on the stairs, made with their own hands
  • 5 Universal fencing option: a fence for children
  • 6 High German quality: Hauck security gate
    • 6.1 Interesting models-new Geuther security gates
    • 6.2 Safety gates for children on IKEA stairs
    • 6.3 Lindam security gates: advantages and disadvantages
    • 6.4 Lionelo gate: safety and original design
  • 7 What should be considered when choosing children’s fences for the house
  • 8 Decorative design of fences on the stairs from children
  • 9 Child safety railing for stairs: operating conditions

Functional purpose and types of child fences

Children are restless and mobile people. Most often, they choose exactly the direction of movement where difficulties and obstacles lie in wait for them on the way. Many families prefer to have two-level housing, both private houses and apartments. Almost all modern cottages and townhouses have two floors. This arrangement of living rooms makes the structure compact, providing a large living area.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Barriers, gates, gates, nets and grilles are used to block the stairs

A mandatory element of multi–level buildings is a staircase. If there is a child in the house, she becomes a traumatic object. All methods of fencing for children in the form of a “barricade” of chairs are a thing of the past. Today, the industry produces special designs that perform the function of an obstacle in the way of the baby, ensuring the safety of life and health of the child, as well as peace of mind for parents. Having created the necessary security conditions, parents may not control every step of their child.

The main types of barriers for children include the following structures:

  • gates;
  • wickets;
  • barriers;
  • grids;
  • grids.

Gates and gates, that is, elements that perform the function of a door to the stairs from children, are the most common options. Barriers are more bulky structures in comparison with gates, they do not swing open. Grids and lattices usually cover the sides of stairs, in which the balusters are located at a considerable distance. The type of barrier is usually selected depending on the specific conditions and the size of the stairs.

Basic requirements for stair railings

Everything that children use must be done in accordance with certain requirements. For example, stairs of children’s institutions are made according to GOST standards. They should have a vertical side fence, where the bars are at a distance of 5-7 cm, so that no part of the baby’s body can squeeze between them. Stairs must be equipped with handrails installed at a height of 50 cm, strong metal locks, silicone coating of traumatic parts.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The height of the children’s fence should be 600-900 mm

Protecting the stairs from children helps parents create a safe space indoors. It is they who should know the requirements for children’s protective structures. And they are:

  1. The protection for the stairs is made of a material resistant to mechanical influences.
  2. The places of fasteners and connections are strong.
  3. The lock used is equipped with a lock.
  4. The dimensions of the sides of the grid cells should not exceed 6-7 cm.
  5. The distance between the vertical elements of the gate is 5-7 cm.
  6. The height of the fence is 60-90 cm .

The upper edge of the protective structure should be located at most in the middle of the child’s chest. If the line is lower, there is a danger that the child will lean over the railing and end up on the other side of the fence. Injury can be received as a result of a fall, and during movement on the stairs.

Useful advice! It is better to purchase fences for stairs from children with a margin of height, otherwise in 1-2 years the fence will have to be replaced, since it will not meet the necessary requirements.

Детское ограждение для лестниц: конструкция для комфорта ребенка и родителей

The stair railing must be strong and of high quality

Materials used in the manufacture of fences for children

As mentioned above, it is very important of what material the ladder barrier is made. First of all, it is necessary that it be a structure from which pieces will not break off after a solid-sized children’s car has driven into it or a helicopter has crashed. During intense contact, splinters should not appear in the baby’s body. It is necessary to exclude possible negative consequences from the desire to taste – lick the design.

The main materials used to protect stairs from children are:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • polymers.

There are options for fences for stairs made of combined materials. It can be a combination of metal and wood, metal and plastic, wood and textiles, metal and polymer mesh.

Despite the fact that the stair railing is an object of temporary use, the owners of the dwelling try not to spoil the interior and select the design in accordance with the peculiarities of the design of the room. Metal products manufacturers produce calm shades. Wooden tend to preserve the natural color and structure. Plastic options are more expressive, bright. Fittings and fasteners must also match the design of the structure.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Fences are made of a variety of materials, the most popular are fabric, wood, plastic and metal

Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages both in terms of price and in terms of performance. To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the products.

Stair railings for children made of wood or metal

Many people prefer to install a wooden staircase in the house. The trend is clear – the desire for environmental friendliness and presentable appearance. The doors to the stairs from children also tend to be made of similar material. Wooden fences fit perfectly into the interior of the premises.

Most often, wooden structures are made of first-class pine wood, since knots and cracks affect not so much aesthetics as structural strength. The products are inexpensive, light, functional. The issue of environmental friendliness deserves special attention. Despite the high-quality base material, the fence can be toxic due to the paint and varnish composition applied to it.

Useful advice! If there is no official confirmation of the non-toxicity of the coating of the wooden fence, it is better to give preference to the product treated with impregnation.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

If the staircase is wooden, then it is recommended to use a fence made of the same material

Metal structures are more often made of aluminum or stainless steel. The products have rounded corners, which ensures safety. Metal stair gates are more expensive than wooden ones, but they are more durable. The level of their environmental friendliness is beyond doubt, the products are easy to clean, they do not leave traces even with significant mechanical influences.

Safety gates for stairs made of polymer materials

Constant complaining about a large number of plastic objects in the surrounding space, however, does not reduce their active use. Do not rush to reject plastic fences. Rumors about their harmfulness are not just exaggerated, they are completely unfounded. Modern technologies make it possible to make safe items from polymers for children’s use. The material becomes toxic only when it is exposed to the melting point, which is completely excluded at home.

A fence for a child made of plastic has a number of undeniable advantages in comparison with products made of other materials:

  • it has a low price;
  • causes pleasant tactile sensations;
  • easy to clean;
  • does not lose its aesthetics for a long time;
  • bright colors evoke positive emotions in children.

Despite the lightness, plastic structures turn out to be quite rigid. Their last quality is ensured by the volume of the elements and the features of the connecting fasteners.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Fences made of plastic are characterized by an acceptable cost and a diverse design

In order to leave no doubt about the harmlessness of the material used in the manufacture of plastic ladder barriers, it is necessary to require a quality certificate from the selling organization. It must contain information that the product is approved for use in children’s institutions. In the absence of such a document, fencing is really not worth buying.

Children’s railings on the stairs from improvised materials

Many parents are home craftsmen, so they take up the independent manufacture of stair railings for their kids. Most often, the sides of the cots are used. The child has grown up – the furniture acquires a different functionality. Very beautiful designs are obtained from this improvised material. Often these are the gates to the stairs from children. You will need additional bars and fasteners, a lock. You can make a fence out of a crib by analogy with the models offered on the Internet.

It is not difficult to make a barrier to the stairs for children from plastic pipes. They differ in low price, have different diameters, it is easy to find suitable elements among the fitting options. Preparation does not require much time. To perform the design, you will need a special soldering iron, which is inexpensive to rent. Metal products, which are presented in sufficient quantities on selling sites, can become an analogue for the manufacture of plastic pipe barriers.

A grid can be used as an improvised material. For stairs, it is worth using only material with small cells so that the child’s leg and hand do not fit in them.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Fencing from children to the stairs can be made from an unnecessary door

Important! The presence of horizontally arranged elements provokes children to use them as steps up which they can climb.

Both metal and plastic mesh are used. The product, woven from a thick harness, looks original and is quite functional. The mesh is usually attached to bars or metal pipes. Such constructions look light, they complement the interior in an interesting way and reliably protect children from getting on the stairs.

Self-manufacturing of barriers-fences for stairs for children

From improvised materials, you can make a barrier for stairs from children with your own hands. A barrier is a barrier. In this context, the concept will be used as a fence on the stairs. It is easiest to make such a construction out of plywood. It does not act as a spacer, with the help of rigid fasteners it is fixed on one side to the wall, on the other – to the supports of the stairs.

For the manufacture of such a model , you will need:

  • two 3×3 cm bars with a groove made on one side with a depth of 1 cm and a width of 2-3 mm more than the thickness of plywood;
  • plywood sheet corresponding to the height of the child and the width of the stairs;
  • fasteners depending on the features of the walls and the material of the stairs;
  • the retainer.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Children’s gates for stairs can be made of ordinary plywood

The bars are attached on both sides of the stairs (their length should be 2/3 of the height of the plywood sheet) at a distance of 5-7 cm from the floor level. The plywood is inserted into the grooves, with the help of latches installed in the lower or upper part, it is blocked from lifting. This type of stair opening fencing has disadvantages:

  • the integrity of the wall is violated;
  • passage of adults is difficult at the time when the barrier is installed.

But the list of advantages is not small at all:

  • budget price;
  • ease of execution;
  • reliable protection;
  • the possibility of installing side mounts at the bottom step and on the landing, the barrier itself can be easily carried.

This model of child fencing is convenient for installation in dachas and country houses.

Design features of safety gates for children

A common option is to fence the stairs from children in the form of a gate. This design consists of a main frame and two swinging halves of the same size. The device is convenient, most often it opens in both directions. Such fences are made of wood or metal. The dimensions of the flaps are constant, not subject to change. But the side parts can be enlarged with additional purchased sections.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The design of the gate for the stairs may vary depending on the material of manufacture

Important! It is worth installing only one section capable of increasing the size. As the experience of users shows, a larger number significantly affects the rigidity of the structure, making it shaky.

The protection is mounted by surprise, the sealing elements are made of soft material. To ensure that the structure is securely adjacent to the sides, a thread is applied to the rod holding the stop and an adjustment nut is put on. It is with the help of the latter that the desired rigidity of the installation can be achieved. Some prefer to fix the stops to the wall on one side with screws or other fasteners. This method will certainly enhance the degree of fixation of the protective structure.

Stair railings: options for creating a beautiful and safe interior

Why are they needed, what requirements are put forward for the products. What materials are the main elements made of. Examples of beautiful designs.

Devices similar to gates for stairs from children are gates. They are made of almost the same materials. Although it is worth noting that there are a lot of plastic products among the gates. They open, as a rule, in one direction, differ from the gate by the principle of functioning of locks.

Safety gates for children on the stairs, made with their own hands

With non-standard sizes of stairs, it may be decided to make a security gate with your own hands. An excellent option is a construction made of wood and plexiglass (transparent plastic).

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The gates for the stairs are not difficult to make with your own hands from improvised materials

The following tools will be needed for manufacturing:

  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver or screwdrivers;
  • fasteners (self-tapping screws, screws, etc.);
  • fine-grained sandpaper cloth;
  • locking mechanism.

The main stages of the work:

  1. A frame is made of a 3×4 cm section of timber, in which the grooves are pre-made, according to the size of the stairway, taking into account the distance required to accommodate the side bars.
  2. Plexiglass is cut off, inserted into the frame. To prevent the glass from hanging out, you can additionally fix it with silicone.
  3. Bars are attached to the wall and the ladder rack, on which the frame will be mounted.
  4. Hinges are hung, a frame with glass is installed.
  5. The latch lock is fixed.

When making safety gates for children with your own hands, it is very important to properly perform the locking part. The latch lock should be installed from the side of the steps. In this position, it will be inaccessible to the baby.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The fence to the stairs can be made from an old sidewall from the bed

The wooden parts of the structure should be perfectly sanded so that there are no notches left on them. Sharp edges can be rounded or sanded. Soft toning will allow the natural pattern of the wood to manifest itself, making the appearance of the product attractive.

Universal version of the fence: a fence for children

Another type of fence for children in the apartment can be a fence. This design is not intended exclusively for stairs, but is quite often used for this purpose. The fence consists of a set of sections, which can both be a fence of a separate section, and organize a closed space. All of the above designs are fully or partially stationary options. The fence can also be installed in any part of the living space.

The advantages of fences include the following characteristics:

  1. Mobility of the installation. Such variants of fences can be carried with you, moving from one house to another, etc.
  2. Size variation. You can assemble a complete set of sections or only a part of them, depending on what area you need to protect.
  3. Versatility. They are placed before climbing the stairs or on the upper landing, before descending, by the fireplace, installed on the lawn, playground, etc.

Such fences for children are made mainly of wood or plastic. Wooden structures are compactly stacked in assembled form, but they are more expensive. Plastic is bulkier, but lighter and cheaper. With a closed installation of sections inside the structure, a soft coating is laid, which most often comes complete with a set.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Mobile baby fences are the most versatile option

Useful advice! For partial fencing of the space, it is better to purchase a wooden fence, it is more stable in an open position.

High German quality: Hauck security gate

The German company Hauck produces strollers, car seats and other products for children, including protection for stairs. The products are made mainly of metal. It is worth noting that the model range of metal gates to the stairs from children is very diverse. Powder-coated steel and stainless steel are used as the material. The first option can be white or silver.

The main advantages of the models of this manufacturer can be considered the following operational qualities:

  • possibility of installation without damage to the walls;
  • the presence of a lock that provides double security;
  • the ability to open in any direction;
  • optional extension;
  • structural strength.

Hauck security fences are visually lightweight. The versatility of the design allows the structures to fit seamlessly into any interior.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The security gates from the Hauck brand are made of stainless steel or powder-coated steel

The Hauck Open N Stop Safety Gate model is particularly popular among German stairs for children. This is a combined product consisting of a metal frame and a wooden gate. The size of the closed opening is 75-81 cm . It is possible to increase it up to 123 cm, for this you should purchase special expanders.

Useful advice! Hauck fences are worth buying in the case when it is possible to install the structure by surprise, that is, if the ladder supports allow it.

Interesting models-new Geuther security gates

Another German company that has been producing children’s furniture and items accompanying the growth and development of a child for decades is Geuther. Heinrich Gaither founded the production in 1883. And to this day, the corporation, now huge, bears his name.

The combination of traditional and modern technologies, thoughtful design and safety are the main guidelines of the production process. That is why almost all fences for children on the stairs are made of eco–friendly material – wood and metal. Before going on mass sale, products are checked, tested. Therefore, the gates of this manufacturer have high operational qualities.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

The German company Geuther produces high-quality gates made of safe materials

Fences can be completely metal or wooden. The variants made by combining are popular: the side posts have a silver color, are made of metal, and the gate is wooden, which has retained its natural color. Among such options, the novelty – Geuther EasyLock Wood Plus is leading. The design has a double lock and several types of fasteners that allow you to fix the stops to the balusters of various sizes.

Among the few protective gates for children made with the addition of plastic, there is a Geuther Vario Safe model. The product is made of metal, wood and plastic. The supports are made of metal, plexiglass is inserted into the wooden frame. The construction is distinguished by an interesting design. The ability to extend the fence by adding additional sections significantly expands the possibilities of application.

Safety gates for children on IKEA stairs

The IKEA trademark is always distinguished by the availability of available product options in the assortment. The choice of security gates for stairs is not so great, but the available models are characterized by good performance. IKEA security gates can have two ways of installation:

  • unawares, when the structure becomes rigid due to the compression of soft rubberized gaskets;
  • fastening with screws or self-tapping screws to the side surfaces.

The second option is more reliable and at the same time simple, despite the need to make holes. In order to install the structure rigidly by surprise, careful adjustment will be required.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Children’s fences from IKEA are simple and have good performance characteristics

You can buy fences for IKEA stairs at the lowest price – 1229 rubles. These are wooden structures that open with the help of a gate, having a minimum size of 65.5 cm, the maximum is 103 cm. They swing open in one direction, a limiter is installed on the other. More expensive models, the cost of which is 3000-4000 rubles, are distinguished by higher-quality locking elements and significant sliding capabilities. The manufacturer recommends using its fences to ensure the safety of children from 6 to 24 months.

Useful advice! It is better to buy security gates for IKEA children from representatives of a trading company. This significantly reduces the price of the product – up to 25%.

Lindam security gates: advantages and disadvantages

Lindam is an English brand. The company has existed for only two decades, but its products are recognized not only in the domestic, but also in the European market. Their distinctive qualities are simplicity and reliability. If we compare the cost of IKEA and Lindam security fences, then it is much higher for the latter. For example, the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe model, covering an opening of 75-82 cm, made of metal, has a price of almost 4,000 rubles.

It is worth noting that almost all Lindam fences are made of metal, have a pleasant white color. The structures are fixed by surprise, adjusted with the help of a special clamping nut. The barrier is fixed at four points. The gate can open in one direction.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Gates from the Lindam brand have both positive and negative reviews

Lindam children’s ladder barriers have simple but reliable locks. You can open them with one hand by pressing the button and lifting the handle. Despite the ease of use, the baby will not understand the locking element. The gate closes easily – from a slight push.

Considering that almost all products are now manufactured in China, some negative opinions about Lindam security gates can be found in user reviews. For example, when installing additional sections that serve to increase the width of the fence, the structure becomes shaky. Some are dissatisfied with the size and shape of the elements with which the capture of those parts of the ladder is carried out, where the emphasis is directed.

Lionelo gate: safety and original design

The Lionelo brand is registered in Poland, the products are manufactured in China. The most popular model of children’s safety gates for stairs is Lionelo Truus. The structure is made of metal, the mounting points have plastic elements. The main advantages of this model of fencing:

  1. The presence of expanders in the kit. The need for them exists almost always, they have to be purchased additionally from other manufacturers.
  2. Possibility of installation on an uneven surface. This can be done with the help of disks and anchors, which are also included.
  3. Mounting by surprise, without damaging the walls.
  4. Double protection of the locking mechanism lock from the child.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

Lionelo protective fences are distinguished by a good price-quality ratio

Of particular interest is the Lionelo LO-Tulia Black children’s staircase partition model up to 140 cm in size. This design is made of synthetic fabric, which has a lateral extension. Such protection is installed using a special handle on any type of surface. The device is endowed with a memory function, with repeated use, the canvas moves out much faster. It is possible to remove such a barrier only after unlocking the latches, which are located at a height inaccessible to the child. The material is perfectly washable, is not exposed to ultraviolet radiation, protection can be installed in any conditions.

Useful advice! When purchasing original protection for stairs made of synthetic material, it is worth considering that the partition is opaque, dark, as a result of which the design will significantly affect the perception of the interior.

What should be considered when choosing children’s fences for the house

A cursory examination of the designs of protective fences for stairs may seem that they are identical. In fact, there are many technical features that need to be taken into account when choosing a design.

Special attention should be paid to the following nuances:

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

First of all, the children’s fence should correspond to the width of the stairway

  1. The correspondence of the stairway to the dimensions of the structure. The gaps between the fence, walls and balusters should be no more than 3-5 cm.
  2. The presence of automatic locking of the lock. This is one of the components of ensuring security (often incomplete closing of the door remains unnoticed), as well as a condition for comfortable use.
  3. The strength of the connection of the ladder protection elements for children, especially in wooden versions. It is better if it is glue-free, like a “spike-groove”.
  4. Mandatory availability of a quality certificate. This will guarantee that a product that is safe for the baby’s health is being purchased. In addition, it is desirable to have a document confirming the authenticity of the goods.
  5. The turning angle of the gate. It is better if it is 180°. This position is convenient to use, even if the hands of an adult are busy.

When purchasing a protective fence on the stairs for a child, you need to ask the sales representative to assemble the structure and try to exert mechanical influence on it. The presence of assembly flaws will definitely manifest itself. If the item is purchased via the Internet, it is worth getting acquainted not only with the description of the product on the website, but also with user reviews.

Decorative design of fences on the stairs from children

The design of many stair railings is almost the same. There are several explanations for this phenomenon:

  • the design features are subject to certain requirements that ensure the safety of the child;
  • the standard design is verified, it makes the designs visually easy;
  • shades such as white, silver and natural wood can fit seamlessly into any interior.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

So that the gates do not look boring, they can be painted in different colors

And if you are not satisfied with the design? Of course, you can make adjustments by adding bright colors. There are a lot of possibilities if the design is made independently. You can paint the main frame with one color, and apply rainbow shades for vertically arranged rods. Such a children’s gate-fence for stairs will be appropriate if the child’s play area is located nearby. “Rainbow” can also be used for the design of a barrier fence made of plywood.

Useful advice! It is not necessary to paint the fence with bright pictures and recognizable characters by the child. This will attract children’s attention to the object, which is undesirable.

Plywood elements can be decorated by means of curly carving. Plexiglass inserts are easy to supplement with engraving, depicting the sun, butterflies and other positively affecting objects.

Child protection for stairs: operating conditions

It is necessary to choose a fence for stairs from children based on the specific conditions of placement. In this regard, it is worth getting acquainted with the description based on the difference in designs according to the method of installation and operation.

Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

When choosing a fence for the stairs, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of placement

  1. Folding. Convenient for those who plan to transport the structure. It is impractical to place such a product, protecting the passage to the stairs.
  2. With a fixed width. They should be purchased by those who will perform the installation in one particular place.
  3. Sliding doors. Universal protection. This modification allows you to adjust the width of the fence, thereby expanding the functionality of the structure and making it possible to install it not only on stairs, but also on doorways.
  4. High lower struts will be inconvenient not only for children, but also for adults.
  5. The method of fastening the partition for stairs from children should correspond to the features of the supports. If the stairs have forged side fences with an ornate pattern, the installation may not work out by surprise. In such cases, it is better to use fixing fasteners.
  6. When more than one increasing section is added, the structure significantly loses rigidity. It is better to choose an option of suitable sizes without the need to install additional parts.

Taking care of the child’s health is the responsibility of parents, enshrined in the “Family Code”. And if there is a staircase in the house or apartment, then the purchase of a protective fence becomes mandatory. This is because even a few seconds of attenuation of the baby’s location can lead to bruises, abrasions and more serious problems.

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Child safety railing for stairs: a design for the comfort of the child and parents

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